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The 10 Anime Babes You Were Head Over Heels In Love With In The '90s

Digging up the ghosts of your pre-hentai past
by Khatrina Bonagua | Nov 14, 2016
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Before meeting the woman of your dreams, your first love during your grade school years was, not your mom, but that lady you have a date with every 4 p.m. You were always excited to get home from school because you couldn't wait to be in the arms of your imaginary true love. You collected anything that would remind you of her—posters, teks, bookmarks, notebooks, etc. You were in love…with an anime character. And damn, the butterflies you felt on your stomach whenever you'd see her were not computerized but real #firstlovefeels

FHM listed 10 of the most crushable anime babes that stole your hearts back in the day. Are you ready to bring back that lovin' feeling? 

1) Aira Kirisawa from Flame Of Recca

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This tough, tomboyish girl turned you on, no doubt. She’s no damsel in distress for she knows how to kick ass. And when we say kick, we mean kick real hard. Team Hokage forever.

2) Fujiko Mine From Lupin the Third

Who could forget the slinky, sultry girl that captured Lupin III’s heart? We can't blame all those men who fell for her tricks. She's irresistible to us, too!

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3) Bulma from Dragon Ball Z

Damn it, Vegeta. We’ll gladly be Trunks' father anytime.

4) Serena Tsukino from Sailor Moon

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Whenever our sisters watched this series, we couldn't help but join them as well. There’s just something about these uniformed beauties that always caught our attention. And that transformation scene of Sailor Moon, just wow.

5) Hitomi Kanzaki from Vision of Escaflowne

Another woman in uniform, Hitomi’s red necktie and brown pleated skirt was a vision we would never ever forget.


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6 - 8) Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki, and Fuu Hououji from Magic Knight Rayearth

Three women with three different personalities, who could ask for more? You’ll serenade them with “Kami’y narito asahan niyong magtatanggol. Makikipaglaban…para sa kapayapaan!” anytime, anywhere.

9) Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion

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The First Child was your First Crush. You probably drew her on your notebook, too, like most of us did. Her eyes were often filled with emotions you just couldn't fathom—she’s mysterious and complicated. You loved her more despite of this. Complex women...why are they so difficult not to love?

10) Haruko Akagi from Slam Dunk

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Now this woman was someone you’d want to bring to a basketball game and talk hoops with. She’s the supportive cheerleader we all wanted to have.

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