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The Best (And Most Shocking) TV Moments Of 2015

From the AlDub explosion to the Miss Universe 2015 fiasco, we roundup the memorable moments that happened inside the boob tube this year!
by Anne Mari Ronquillo | Dec 29, 2015
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We're down to last stretch of 2015, and are literally counting the days before welcoming the New Year festivities ahead.

So while waiting for the fireworks to start, why don't we take the time and look back at the best (and most shocking) moments that happened in our TV screens this year. But be warned if you are just about to catch up on your favorite series. These recaps are not spoiler free!

Pinoys Conquer
Asia’s Got Talent

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Simon Cowell’s Got Talent show branched out to different regions and this year, it premiered in Asia. The Philippines walked away as big winners after shadow play group, El Gamma Penumbra, came in first and singer Gerphil Flores placed third.

The troupe performed a themed play on Mother Nature to the famed Disney hit, "Colors of the Wind." It was a touching interpretation of the effects of man’s actions on the environment. Touching enough to move judge Anggun to tears. Unfortunately, news of the winners was leaked via Instagram before the show’s finale even aired, much to the dismay of fans. 

Pangako Sa’Yo's

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Pinoy teleseryes have perfected the art and portrayal of cruelty. Characters often go through unimaginable bouts of injustice at the hands of the shows’ antagonists the same way viewers sit through mind-numbing commercials and their respective jingles. It’s the reason why when the time of revenge comes, there’s no way fans would settle for something unsatiating. #PSYPayanig gave its fans something that brings your regular bitchslap down to its knees.

The “international slap” rightfully earned by Claudia Buenevista (Angelica Panganiban) had her fainting into the arms of her just-as-helpless husband who was later on arrested for corruption charges. And just like that, all those times you sat to watch with your wife, girlfriend, and even your inconspicuous sneak peeks when yaya tunes in, well, they are now worth it.

Watch the slap again here:

That OTWOL make-out sesh!

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Another thing that sends Pinoy teleserye fans over the edge is when their favorite loveteam finally smush their lips together. The hype built up by these encounters puts Jimmy Fallon’s enthusiasm towards his nightly special guest to shame.

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made waves on Twitter after James Reed and Nadine Lustre, known together as JaDine, shared their long-awaited kiss.

AlDub’s First Date

Eat Bulaga! scored big time by incorporating a Kalyeserye segment into their noontime lineup in mid-2015. The whole thing happened by accident when producers noticed that a split-screen interaction between two charismatic characters make good TV.

YouTube sensation Maine Mendoza or Yaya Dub communicates by lip-synching, while actor Alden Richards maintains a Prince Charming image. The improvisational nature of the segment made it a hit and the seemingly forbidden relationship pandered to romance fanatics.

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In September, the series broke local records on Twitter with #AlDubMostAwaitedDate, garnering over 10.1 million tweets in one day, when the love team finally set their first date. On October 24, AlDub broke the world record for most tweets in 24-hours, with its #AlDubEBTamangPanahon. It generated 41 million tweets, toppling the previous record of 35.6 million tweets set by #WorldCup.

Vice Ganda and Karylle Share A Kiss

In what could only be described as a desperate attempt to dethrone Eat Bulaga!’s Kalyeserye as ruler of noontime television, It's Showtime hosts Vice Ganda and Karylle shared an awkward kiss during their Kapamilya Day episode back in September. Hardcore fans of the show claimed that this was a long time coming and that it sparked feelings of kilig.

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After the stunt, both parties clarified that it was just for fun, as if everyone and their mothers didn’t already know.
Anne Curtis’ Twerk for Ratings

In the same vein as Vicerylle’s kissing antic, Anne pulled a Miley (and hopefully not a hamstring) by twerking with around a dozen other women on daytime television.

While shaking buns aren’t uncommon in variety shows, this performance featured a lot of up close and personal shots of booty. Not everyone was amused.

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Joey De Leon and Tito Sotto’s Arab Halloween

Eat Bulaga!'s 2015 wasn't without flaws. On Halloween, Joey and Tito Sen dressed themselves in traditional Middle Eastern clothes to the shock of many. First, they were accused of making fun of Muslims, but the senator clarified that they were dressing up as Arabs, and not Muslims. This didn't solve anything, as others pointed out that there’s nothing scary about being of a certain ethnicity. The duo received a lot of criticism for the cultural appropriation stunt.

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“Nognog. Pandak.” As A Campaign Strategy

In September, Jejomar Binay’s paid advertisements started showing up on TV, interrupting our dinners like every new flashy commercial. Except there was nothing flashy about this—white type against a black backdrop and a voiceover. As if an attempt to subvert popular notion (in this case Binay Hate), the ad pandered to the conscience of the public by painting Binay as a wrongfully criticized do-gooder.

This earned the disgust and rage of the tweeting population, this time calling out Binay for counting on public sympathy to get him elected.

Miriam Defensor-Santiago
: Stupid Is Forever But Cancer Isn’t

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Miriam shocked the country last year by announcing she had Stage 4 lung cancer. A year later, she updated the nation on her status saying that she is cancer-free. As someone famous for her feisty quotes and hard-hitting sermons in senate hearings, she’d been a popular choice to run for president.

In October, she officially announced her intent to do so. People were surprised as an illness is a definite hurdle for someone who has such ambitions. However, she has fervently maintained that she is fit to serve. Shortly after her bold announcement, she made an even bolder move that sent her supporters almost running for the hills: her VP and running mate is Bongbong Marcos.

Alma Moreno
’s Reservations

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One can make a PR disaster live on variety shows and it could be okay. However, when you show yourself to be a hot mess in the news, the damage is almost irreversible.

Alma Moreno announced that she would be running for senator and was then interviewed by Karen Davila in a morning show, Headstart. Alma fumbled, and tripped, and fumbled, and tripped again when asked about her stances on several national issues.

You can watch the awkward interview here.


The circus that is the 2016 National Elections would not be complete without its routine serving of nuisance candidates. This time both Hitler incarnate and the devil himself filed their intentions to run for office.

According to Comelec, 130 people filed a bid for the presidency, which gives the Filipino nation a ton of horses to back. One presidentiable’s bid even supports the mutant abilities of Ororo Munroe with his steadfast intent to legalize all four seasons.

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The Great Miss Universe Kerfuffle

Donald Trump took his immigrant-hating hands off of the Miss Universe organization just months before the pageant took place. Perhaps that’s to his benefit, as this year’s mess of a pageant would definitely not help his US presidential campaign.

Comedian Steve Harvey, known for his misogynist humor, hosted the pageant this year and made the mistake of a lifetime by announcing the wrong winner. Was he doing a bit? Is Miss Universe just doing this for publicity? Perhaps the universe will never know for sure. But this entire controversy could be considered a loss for all women since the surfacing of some catty comments from other contestants. Thanks to him, contestants are now being pitted against each other post-pageant: a classic woman vs. woman contest where the only winner is patriarchy.

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Empire is our new favorite Us show

Empire wowed TV fans last year with its remarkable premise: music mogul dying of ALS, has three sons fighting for his empire. Everything that happened was because of Lucious Lyon’s imminent death. Fans wondered, “What will happen after he bites the dust?! Who’s taking over the empire?!” It put everyone on the edge of their comfortable couch.

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Alas, early this year and towards the end of Season One, it was revealed that Lucious was actually misdiagnosed. He wasn’t dying anymore and his true illness, Myasthenia Gravis (MG), was completely treatable and that changed everything. By the finale, Lucious had gone to jail for charges against killing Uncle Bunkie. What will this do to the family? Abangan...

Why, Game Of Thrones, Why?

Game of Thrones has a habit of packing all its action in the tail end of every season. This year, the clusterfuck started happening by Episode 8 when Jon Snow was immersed in a battle with the White Walkers. Despite escaping by a hair’s breadth with the help of his Valyrian sword, viewers still got the goosebumps courtesy of The Night’s King.

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In Episode 9, apart from Daenerys mounting her dragon and flying away, the big WTF moment came in the form of Stannis Barratheon’s decision to have his daughter Shireen burned at the stake. But none of that could compare to the outrage, heartbreak, and disbelief that engulfed the fandom when the Castle Black mutiny against Jon Snow left him laying down in a mix of snow and his own blood. He knew nothing.

The Flash and Arrow Crossover

Flash and Arrow have crossed over each other’s shows a few times, but Christmas came early this season for fans of both comics series. It started in Flash when a reincarnated Egyptian Warrior Princess (unknown to everyone at the time), Kendra from Earth 2, led quite a challenging character to Central City.

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Enter Vandal Savage, the immortal supervillain. Savage is in pursuit of killing Kendra, who turns out to be Hawkgirl, and her lover for the past 206 lives, Carter, otherwise known as Hawkman. Barry seeks the help of Oliver Queen and together, their teams come up with a plan to foil Savage’s own.

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The second hour of the episode continued in Arrow where after devising an ineffective strategy against Savage, everyone died. Except for Barry because he had taken a serum that made him fast enough to skirt the deadly power of Savage’s magic staff. Dude ran fast enough to go back a few days in time, allowing him to warn the team of their would-be failure. This led to a change of plans (or anti-magic gauntlets) which ultimately handed the team their victory. Savage was killed (was he?) and the fans got a full two-hour taste of the crossover sweetness they so have been yearning for.
But the real kicker? Oliver Queen has a son of nine years, William, from an estranged ex. The realest kicker? William is a huge Flash fan.

The Walking Dead

The third episode of Season 6 treaded some intense waters with the group making their way into Alexandria. In true TWD fashion, the group had to improvise and split up in order to get around the walkers. Despite his instability, Nicholas had to lead the group as he had been in the town before. Later, Glenn and Nicholas once again find themselves away from the group to set up a distraction, but this time they were cornered atop a dumpster.

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Nicholas’ PTSD troubles kicked up at this moment and instead of thinking of a way to escape, he focused on the incessant gnawing of the walkers, possibly even making meaningless eye contact. Nicholas then turns to Glenn, utters appreciation for previously saving his life, and shoots himself in the skull. Unfortunately, Glenn falls over with Nicholas’ body and is last seen crying as the walkers feast on flesh and gut. As a veteran and favorite, fans took umbrage at his “death.”


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