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The Biggest Loser Asia season 2

<p>The only show where losing is actually a good thing</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 7, 2010
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The second season of The Biggest Loser Asia is once again giving 16 people from all across Asia an opportunity to change their lives forever.
Contestants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Philippines will comprise this season’s cast, with Fitness First’s Dave Nuku and Kristy Curtis staying on as trainers.

Eight men and eight women will form two teams of blue and red, coming from all walks of life – one a photographer from Singapore to a catering business owner in Hong Kong, all with the same goal of losing those pounds and the difficulties that go with it.

While it will take them a slew of thorny steps to pull it all off, contestants from the show more often than not find their way to happiness once it’s all said and most especially, done.

A string of real-life drama, insecurities, and struggles from a physical and emotional standpoint will ensue for these contestants, giving us a feel-bad-feel-good scenario week after week.

Our Pinoy bet this season is 34-year-old internet cafe owner Genghis Khan. Weighing in at over 160 kilograms, Genghis is quite the optimist. Coming from a big family, big dude sees food as an art form, furthermore as his life. Thankfully, he’s now on a mission to change all that.

He is joined by fellow Pinay contestant Desiree Vinoya, who sadly, is already out of the competition this early.

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But knowing the likes of season one’s Carlos Miguel and Kevin Yue – both non-winners yet lost an astounding amount of weight – Desiree will not go home a failure.

The show will come out in 13 one-hour episodes, with one contestant getting the axe every week until a new Biggest Loser Asia champion is crowned in the finale.

Watching it is like a free fitness video with the personality turned up a few notches. The show is even committed to having their own group of home contestant, some of which has given tremendous results as well.

Fitness trainers Nuku and Curtis have made it their objective to stir clear of the wrong mindsets every struggling person has, and they have never been more successful in relaying their tips through this show.

The Biggest Loser Asia season 2 airs Tuesdays on DIVA Universal (formerly Hallmark Channel).


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