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The Contender, Season 2

<font size="1">The finest hour in reality TV packs a punch<br /></font>
| Jul 18, 2006
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AXN, Thursdays 9PM
Fans of The Contender who were dismayed that NBC cancelled the series need not shed tears anymore, for there is life after waging a losing bet for Peter Manfredo Jr.

Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone, remains one of the program’s executive producers and will continue to mentor the boxing competitors living in the same pug boot camp, training together, and are in a quest to knock each other out of the competition. He will still be joined by international boxing superstar Sugar Ray Leonard.

Still with 16 contestants, the reality show bursts with electrifying boxing action—thanks to its seamless editing—that’ll make every sports fan jump from the couch to scream “Ayan! Bigyan mo pa ng isa!” Moreover, it has enough gripping subplots to discourage your honey from switching the channel to her favorite telenovela.

- Before its first season was aired, one of the contenders, 23-year-old Najai Turpin, committed suicide. He shot himself in the head in a parked car outside the gym where he trained. Until this day, it is not known why he took his life.

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