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The Late Night Fiasco

<p>These late night talk shows are, well, currently the talk of the town</p>
| Jan 21, 2010
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In another case of irony slapping you in the face, the comedic world of late night talk shows is currently in the middle of a huge fiasco, which is not a laughing matter at all. [firstpara]
Funnymen Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, two of the funniest acts and hosts of their respective late night shows, are on the verge of being gone from your TV screens after a combined stint of almost 36 years on television, due to schedule disputes with their network NBC.

Due to poor ratings at primetime, NBC is reportedly pulling the plug on The Jay Leno Show by moving it to the 11:30pm timeslot. This would mean Conan’s Tonight Show will have to be moved at a later time of 12:05am.

Something that Conan isn't too hot about. The red-haired talk show host announced that he will step out of the Tonight Show if it moves to a later time, citing the move ridiculous simply because Tonight has been on the same timeslot for over 40 years.

Seriously, not funny.

Conan’s Tonight Show will reportedly air its last episode January 22, and Jay Leno himself has somewhat confirmed his return as the show’s host soon.

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It's a sad turn of events, as these shows, though they may be a bit too American for a lot of Pinoys, are some of the funniest, most intelligent, and in the case of Conan, a great resource for finding new music finds.

So as a tribute to this whole brouhaha, we take a look at some of the best local late night talk shows that have kept up company all those sleepless, dateless nights.


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