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The Longest Running Anime For Binge-Watching

So you think Netflix has made you a binge watching pro?
by Karen Mae De Vera | Nov 29, 2018
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So you’ve “binge-watched” twelve episodes in one sitting—that’s an admirable feat...for an amateur. True marathon viewers know that going through live-action episodes is nothing compared to the impressive length of an anime series. We’re talking about shows with great stamina and easily pumped out way over a hundred episodes. These anime can’t be taken all in just one night–or even one month perhaps.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Probably the first lengthy anime we’ve ever encountered. Episode Count: 112

Every dude in the 90s wanted to be as badass as Yusuke—to hell with it, let’s call him Eugene because the classic Tagalog dubbing will always remain superior due to nostalgia filter. Watching the series as kids felt like such an epic experience since it had far more episodes than the Western cartoons we were used to at the time. Little did we know, that YYH was merely the gateway show to investing years of your life to following the adventures of a fave anime protagonist.

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Fairy Tail

The anime for people who needed more magic in their lives after the Harry Potter series ended. Episode Count: 285

A recent show, Hiro Mashima more than made up for his short storyline in Rave Master (remember that AXN kids?) by giving Fairy Tail loads of content. The anime did a lot of world building by establishing the many rival wizarding guilds, the in-universe rules, the power structure, the different abilities–you know, stuff that takes time.


The series known for its lengthy story arcs. Episode Count: 366

The anime series revolving around Soul Reapers who fight evil spirits and send the good ones into the afterlife had some of the sickest superpowered attacks (Bankai!!). With the animated series ending back in 2012 but the manga ending in 2016, we’re hoping that there might be some additional content that could be added in the future–yup, there's even more.


The anime that always had fresh comedy material. Episode Count: 367

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Gintama’s novel premise features aliens invading ancient Edo Japan, which effectively speeds up the advancement of technology. The shounen anime is notable for striking that sensitive balance of comedy/action and constantly breaking the fourth wall by its hyper self-awareness of its genre. Gintama is able to successfully shift from doing a hilarious parody of fellow shounen titles to serving up a serious arc (the Shogun Assassination comes to mind) worthy of its often-trolled contemporaries.

Doraemon (2005)

The series that we’re surprised is still going strong. Episode Count: 537

This children’s anime has been airing on our local television in all its Tagalog-dubbed glory since forever, which make sense considering Doraemon was already around in the 1970s. But it’s the 2005 revival that has surpassed the five hundred-mark in episodes–so it can actually go on forever for real. Guess there’s something universally appealing about a nerdy kid getting help improving his game from a futuristic robot.

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The Dragon Ball Franchise

The shounen series that even our grandchildren will end up watching. Combined Episode Count: 639

Just when you think the series is about to lose steam, it gains new life. Dragon Ball has been revived almost as often as Goku himself (and that dude dies so many times in the series that we’re not sure if he could be considered a zombie already). Notable for it's episodes-spanning fight scenes and copious amounts of yelling–even starting a family with kids and grandkids didn’t stop Goku from participating in every martial arts tournament to ever exist in the series. We’re also impressed (and starting to lose track) with the number of Super Saiyan modes and special abilities they’ve managed to bust out too.

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

The lengthy series that left us wanting more adventures (And no, we don’t mean Boruto). Combined Episode Count: 720

Who knew that the anime about a bumbling ninja-in-training would get us hooked for more than a decade? Naruto fans were so dedicated to seeing the main plot come to fruition that they’ve survived slogging through endless filler arcs. Luckily, if you’re only just getting into the series now there’s a handy guide that lists down the episodes involving manga-specific plotlines while ditching the filler episodes entirely for both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. However if you want the “authentic experience” of suffering through pointless storylines, you might appreciate the big payoff in the end.

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One Piece

The series that never runs out of new characters. Episode Count: 862

We’re surprised that Monkey D. Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates haven’t gotten seasick from sailing for so long. Unlike other anime, the protagonist at least goes through a significant evolution–they even had a timeskip to age up the characters. With the massive amount of people constantly being added to the cast, there are so many possibilities to expand the plot further so there’s no doubt that they’re in it for the long haul.

Detective Conan

The series that just might outlive us all! Episode Count: 921

We’re amazed at the number of murder mysteries featured on the show but sucks for Conan Edogawa though because our main hero will never return to his normal state as Shinichi Kudo and remain a kid for as long as the series goes on. And since his Japan does love their Detective Conan, in fact there’s a whole town dedicated to the character, so we might be seeing this series for all of eternity.

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My Hero Academia

The future long-runner. Episode Count: 63+

Now that behemoths like Naruto and Bleach are finally done airing on television, it’s up to the superhero-themed anime to take up the mantle. My Hero Academia has all the elements of a heavy-hitting show that will keep us hooked for years to come. There’s the cool premise about living in a world full of superpowered beings and a sprawling universe that’s ideal for endless sidestories and expansions. Last but not the least, you’ve got Izuku Midoriya, our main hero, who the anime fandom has already dubbed as, “Green Naruto.” We’re definitely expecting MHA to go beyond a hundred plus ultra episodes.


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