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The Walking Dead: 6 Burning Questions For Epic Season Number 5

Have you seen Episode 1 of <em>The Walking Dead's</em> Season 5? <em>Astig, 'no</em>?! Here are the other things you can expect from the zombie-novela!
by Anton D. Umali | Oct 17, 2014
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Rick and the gang are back to crush as many zombie heads in the name of self-preservation. Well, those who’ve survived at least.

(SPOILERS AHEAD: If you haven't seen fifth season's opener yet, watch it first...then come back to this article please!)

The first episode of The Walking Dead's fifth season, which debuted on October 13 (Manila time) did not disappoint­–the positive overall reception mirrored directly by the record-breaking ratings FOX produced here in the Philippines (their 8:55 p.m. telecast got a 1.89 audience share for adults aged 16 to 49).

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Things took off in such a high-octane manner, and we hope it continues and the show doesn’t brew too long in unnecessary sullenness as in seasons past. Remember all those wasted hours at Herschel’s farm or how stretched out the prison setting felt? A bulk of the fun that comes with watching a zombie television show is in the explicit violence and unapologetically absurd action–the kind that gives gore geeks a morbid hard-on. And it looks like this time around, the people behind the series aren’t aiming to disappoint.

With the premiere revealing the secret of “sanctuary” Terminus’ cannibalistic intentions, fans can only expect more post-apocalyptic dread in the form of flesh-eating walkers and morally confused acts of inhumanity. Just like the rest of you Walker Stalkers, there are certain questions we want answered.


  • Who’ll bite the dust?
  • Will Daryl and Carol make grimy love?
  • Is there a new antagonist out for our unsung heroes?

Because we can’t wait to see how things fare for Rick and company, we pondered on these queries and ruminated on some possible answers! Our pa-deep TWD contemplations are below!

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It seems that the ultimate goal is still to get to the capital, led by the suggestions of the very questionable Dr. Eugene Porter. Although he’s still breathing at the moment, his character isn’t really shaping up to be the man that will cure the planet of this plague­–a quality that might see the good old doc pulse-free by mid-season. And if Washington is the destination, hurdles are in order. If TWD has taught us anything, it’s that pit stops and road bumps are as prevalent as zombies.  

Zombie Survival Tip No. 342: No matter what happens,
don't ask a burning zombie for directions

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Remember how some mysterious kidnappers interrupted Daryl and Beth’s bonding sesh at an abandoned cottage? Well, the end of the premiere saw an unknown group confining the Terminus residents in their very own prison cell. It might be safe to assume that these are the guys responsible for Beth’s abduction. Let’s just pray they haven’t abused the poor, young Beth, and that all hell will break loose once Daryl and Rick get their hands on these mofos!

With an AK-47 no less!

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She basically went all Rambo on the tyrants of Terminus. Rick is one sick loser for thinking he can hug it out all bro-like with their unlikely savior after shunning her like a leper. Daryl’s enthusiasm, however, might see him sticking an arrow in Carol’s gun-slot in the near future. To that we still shudder. 

Besides, how can they hug it out with all that zombie muck on her clothes?

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