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Who Did Negan Bludgeon To Death In 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Finale?

And the odds of your favorite character making it alive to next season's much-awaited premiere
by Chise Alcantara | Apr 5, 2016
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We thought last week’s cliffhanger was a doozy but hot damn was The Walking Dead's Season Six finale’s ending infuriating especially to diehard fans. For those who read the comics, we all probably knew what was coming when we saw Negan step out of the trailer with his beloved barbed wire-covered bat Lucile. The only question was, who was it going to be?

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The series has done a lot to keep things interesting for casual and addicted fans alike by setting up twist and turns in the series that might arguably be more intriguing than what's in the comic. With so much backstory and characters, the show’s producers and writers would have a hard time picking who to kill off but needless to say…someone’s got to pay.


That said, we’ve put ourselves in the shoes of the writers of the show to see if we could guess who the TWD thinktanks finally decided to retire. Here are the odds of your favorite character/s making it alive to Season 7's much-awaited premiere.

Warning: If it isn't obvious, there will be spoilers from hereon.


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The main character getting killed off? Well it has happened before, though it wouldn’t make as much sense story-wise since Negan did say he wanted Rick and his team to work for him. And what’s a team without a leader? In the comics, Negan also mentioned that killing Rick might mean turning him into a martyr, which could rally the people of Alexandria to revolt against him.

Verdict: Not-so-likely. This isn’t a good move by Negan or the producers since the show would lose direction without Rick. The shock value just wouldn’t be worth it—that is unless they’re grooming Carl to be the jaded serial killer that Negan prophesized.


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It wouldn’t be so bad to see this girl go since she has been through a lot, losing her boyfriend and her brother all in one season. True, she does have a relationship with Abraham right now but, let's be honest, nobody cares about that!

Verdict: Not the best but not the worst either. If the guys from TWD wanted to play it safe and keep things going at the same pace, Sasha’s an easy kill-off.


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No one’s really that attached to her (See: Guy after guy ditching her) except Eugene so it wouldn’t really make much of an impact in the story.

Verdict: Would be a let-down. Something as iconic as this scene deserves to feel more substantial. Killing Rosita would probably amount to killing a sub-character.


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A-who? Just kidding. Though no one really cares about him. He’s like Rosita except he isn’t a hot girl.

Verdict: Another let-down. Yeah, it’s kind of sad that no one cares if Aaron dies and he has at least some potential to become a more interesting character later on so please TWD guys, don’t kill him off just yet!


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This guy wants to die so why not let him? True, he has found some hope in his relationship with Sasha with the whole “I wanna knock u up and make u my baby mama” speech he gave her but really, that doesn’t really tell us that he’s over his old YOLO zombie-kill’em phase.

Verdict: Actually, a good pick. Abraham has grown a lot as a character and we can’t really see him developing drastically anymore from who he is now so it would be a perfect time to kill him.

SPOILER: He’s already dead in the comics and went out much like Doc Denise did except his was an arrow through the head. Also, if we watch the last scene carefully (and we know we all did) the guy actually kept staring at Negan even after being hit with Lucile and that feat in itself is pretty badass. And "pretty badass" is Abraham's calling card.

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This feeling-samurai girl has had quite the run in this show and even has built strong relationships with a lot of the main characters. Will she be the next to turn?

Verdict: A lot like Abraham, she's one tough cookie and would probably keep staring at Negan after she gets bashed in the head. Rick also does have a knack for losing the girls he falls in love with (foul, pare) so it wouldn’t be a big surprise to us if they picked her to kick the bucket.

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This is a tricky one since his death could mean a lot, and we mean A LOT for the group because it would probably put Rick on full-on rage-revenge mode that it would probably cause another war between the factions.

Verdict: Impossible. While they have killed teens and children before in very gory fashion, seeing his son get clobbered by Negan would send Rick into an uncontrollable rage which would mean he would get the whole group killed and cause the story to end. Also, Negan in the comics (also slightly hinted in the series) has taken quite a liking to Carl, even considering him as his only “friend” later on.

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Damn, Eugene. He’s a guy that we’ve been rooting for, well, ever. He’s such an underdog know-it-all socially awkward pa-cool fool but he’s just so likeable.

Verdict: A pretty good candidate. He’s been getting a lot of screen time and he has passed on his legacy including the bullet-making recipe to Rick so he’s pretty much set himself up to be quite the martyr for his gang.

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EVERYONE’S FAVE CHARACTER. Well, not everyone, but like 90 percent of the fandom are fanboy-ing for this guy to live even though it would make a lot of sense if he died. He’s almost as suicidal as Abraham but has that fan-favorite invulnerability thing going for him.

Verdict: He should be dead. Yeah, we said it. Daryl should die but should it be in a pathetic, defenseless way like this? Maybe not, but killing him this way should really set the tone of what TWD may be trying to go for—complete and utter hopelessness. Next to Rick, Daryl has been one of the most influential and useful characters in the team and losing him like this would be a tremendous blow to the team.

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Aww, man, please don’t kill Maggie—she’s so pretty! Maggie represents a lot of things to the show, and one of them is hope for a better tomorrow, as evidenced by Glenn and her conceiving a baby through all this. (It would be nothing short of a miracle if they can actually deliver it both alive, though.)

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Verdict: Not likely. Negan from the comic book loves women and has made wives out of a lot of the women in his group. He did only say he’d kill one person from Rick’s team which technically means he’d be going against his word since he’d be killing two people—Maggie and her baby. For the guys who read the comics, you can actually depend on Negan to keep his word.


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From jumping off building rooftops to getting sick in a prison full of potential walkers to finally opening a wormhole to an alternate zombie-proof dimension underneath a dumpster, we have confirmed that this guy is immortal… Or is he?

Verdict: Our top pick.


Negan kills Glenn in the comics, and in brutal fashion if we may add. Really, if we had to see Glenn go, it would be this way. He is quite the lovable character and while we will miss him if he goes, the impact of his death would be tremendous to the whole team. That's because in some way, he’s touched every single person in the team. He’s the OG reliable guy that everybody looks to when things get rough. And with his baby with Maggie coming along, his death would be the perfect feels and provide the narrative fuel to keep the show alive and running or should we say…dead and walking.

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