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The Shows That Made Us Tune In: The Year In Television

Put that remote down, channel surfer, and put all your focus on this list specially made to celebrate the TV moments that riveted all couch potatoes in 2014!
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 25, 2014
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Hey couch potatoes, we hope you have been putting a permanent butt mark on that sofa of yours and tuning in to that idiot box. The year 2014 has not been short on things to watch (and watch for) that sometimes set our social networks ablaze. From stirring developments on your favorite telenovela to guessing who the next character will die in your favorite international show, TV in 2014 has been a box of joy.

So to put the year to rest, we now bring you our 10 favorite TV moments from 2014. Put down that remote, and stick to this channel for a while!


1)   Wally Bayola returns

In late 2013, Eat Bulaga! host Wally Bayola became the subject of a nasty scandal with a dancer from the show. The whole nation was furious. Wally was supposed to be married right? People clamored for him to be booted off the show permanently. Fast forward to February 2014, and Wally has finally made a return, teary-eyed and all. The nation bought into it, proving just how fleeting our memory is with regards to scandals. No matter how you feel about the subject, the truth is it made for entertaining TV, much like seeing an old comic book character come to life.

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2)   The Walking Dead's explosive fifth season

After four seasons, The Walking Dead has become that much more satisfying in Season 5. The zombies are still there but the premise has become meatier in terms of character development. Carol has shown the will to stand up for herself and become a leader. We loved it when the brawny Tyrese took over as the group's musclea badass who will do anything to protect the group, most especially the baby, Judith.

And then there are the deaths. In Season 5, the show continues its trend of killing characters, just when you least expect itand honestly, that's what we love most about it. We won't reveal names though for anyone who haven't yet seen the episodes.

3)   Game Of Thrones' Trial Of Tyrion Lannister

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Like The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones has done nothing but live up to lofty expectations season after season. Its Season 4 is no different with more people dying at weddings/fields/medieval wars and what have you. But our best moment was when The Imp, Tyrion Lannister, was put on trial, having been pinned with the crime of killing King Joffrey. This line just killed it: "I wish I had enough poison for the whole lot of you!" It referred to his entire demented family, and is a line we wish we could all say for all the other Lannisters not named Tyrion.

4)   It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez was our very own Keeping Up With The Kardashians

TV5 probably watched a few episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and finally said, "Man, we wish we had a family that we could follow non-stop and reveal their fancy, little lives." The plan came to fruition in June when the famous Gutierrez clan had their own reality show that had cameras following their day-to-day activities. It was, at the very least, entertaining to see matriarch Annabelle Rama lord it over the family. Fun!

Video via TheMEGATV100

5)   Marian Rivera gets engaged on live TV

Where were you when Dingdong Dantes officially took Marian Rivera off the market when he proposed to her on live TV? It was during the Sexiest Woman's birthday special on GMA on August 9 that Dingdong finally bent the knee and asked Marian to marry himbreaking the hearts of many other men still wishing for a chance to win Marian over. And as the old showbiz headline goes, after Dingdong proposed, this reaction was expected: "Marian, naging emosyunal!"  

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6)   Ikaw Lamang hauls in awards; The Legal Wife trends worldwide

While there was no telenovela as controversial as 2013's My Husband's Lover this year, it doesn't mean that there was no good teleserye to watch. The best of the best though was the Coco Martin-Kim Chiu starrer Ikaw Lamang, a period piece about the love between Coco and Kim that spanned decades and generations from the '50s to the '80s. It was epic to say the least, and it went home with five awards from PMPC, including best drama series and best actor and actress trophies. 

However, our Most Entertaining Serye award goes to the slap-happy cryfest The Legal Wife. If you were one of the millions who you used the many #TLW hashtags (e.g. #TLWTheReversal and #TLWMasarapBa) then you know why this Angel Locsin - Maja Salvador juggernaut deserves recognition. 

We mean who could ever forget #TLWRoyalRumble

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Video via ABS-CBN Entertainment

Thank you for keeping us glued, TLW! And oh, thank you Internet for the memes!

Image via Tumblr

7)   Be Careful With My Heart ends

Speaking of good teleseryes, the daytime drama series, Be Careful With My Heart, finally ended on November 28, with Sir Chief and Maya living happily ever after. Good riddance, some said; it has run long enough. We agreed, but still, it was bittersweet to see one of the better TV series out there finally go. It had a good run, and deserved an FHM salute.

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8)   The
Marian variety show had us secretly dancing

We had a reason to stay in during Saturday nights this year as GMA gave our favorite gal her own show. There she danced and swayed her hips like no one's watching. What's better is that she didn't forget to invite other sexy celebs like Sam Pinto, which eventually gave rise to these sexy GIFs:

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It's just too bad that the show ended its run on December 6. #Ibalik

9)   Key & Peele is still our favorite comedy sketch show

Not all of us has Comedy Central on cable but the YouTube version of one of the funniest things on TV right now suffices. The comedy pair produced another hell of a season this year with Mad TV alumni Michael Keegan-Key and Jordan Peele doing a fresh batch of funny skits.

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Our favorite this year is about these two black church ladies talking about their hatred for Satan in the most hateful of way:

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