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Throwback Game Show Of The Week: The Crystal Maze

Remember that awesome '90s game show The Crystal Maze? Allow us to jog your memory...
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 24, 2014
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It's Thursday, and you know what that means: It's Throwback Thursday!

Yes, we're fools for this kind of nostalgia-fueled bandwagon behavior, and today we're training our sniper scope on a cult classic of a TV game show called The Crystal Maze.

For the uninitiated, The Crystal Maze was a British game show that had a team of six contestants running around in an indoor playing field divided into four sections: Ocean, Aztec, Futuristic, and Medieval. These themed parts each contain a number of rooms with a puzzle to solve or a physical challenge that must be cracked in three minutes. Perform said challenge correctly, and the team is rewarded a crystal.

Each crystal bought the team five seconds in the "grand finals" where all the players are placed inside a huge glass dome where they must collect enough gold tickets to snag the grand prize (which usually was a holiday-to-some-paradise).

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The show's original run spanned from 1990 to 1995. It was shown here in the Philippines on RPN 9, and got local couch potatoes hooked on its brand of adventure-style format. Raise your hands, everyone who once wished they could be part of the fun show!

As for everybody else, well, some of the episodes in the series are available on YouTube. Here's a sample:


Here now below are five reasons why The Crystal Maze will remain an all-time favorite show for those who grew up in the decade of grunge (read: us)!

1) We're also big fans of Takeshi's Castle, and The Crystal Maze reminds us of that

If you don't know Takeshi's Castle, then we're sorry to tell you but you've missed half your life. If you do know it, then apir tayo, brad! It's only the most amazing game show ever.

The Crystal Maze is a close second to that beloved classic. While the tone, pace, and the challenges of the two series are different, both involved being in a weird, fantastical adventure filled with silly challenges. The kid in us approved heartily.

Here's a preview of a possible show to discuss in another throwback article in the weeks to come:

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