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10 Breaking Bad Science Scenes Mythbusters Should Test

Can <em>Mythbusters</em> bust Walter White?
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 8, 2012
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Breaking Bad
is every scientist’s TV wet dream. It shows many scenes where high-school-teacher-turned-shabu-cook Walter White ingeniously makes the best out of his ruthlessness and Chemistry degree. The question is, are his formulas and smart schemes possible in real life tight situations? That’s what scientists-slash-stuntmen, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, intend to find out as they plan to concoct the coolest TV-mash up in years: Mythbusters, the Breaking Bad edition.

Nothing can be more scientifically titillating as the folks from Mythbusters testing the scientific accuracy of this hit AMC show. From poisonous beans to embellished explosives, we count the top 10 Breaking Bad science scenes that we would want to see busted or proven. Warning: spoilers and exploding toys ahead.

1) Body butter - literally
One of Walter and Jesse’s first challenges as “dangerous men” is to dispose a dead human body. Walt places the corpse in a tub and uses hydrofluoric acid to turn body mass (as in flesh and bones) into goo. Can this chemical, often used by industrial companies (and terrorists) to etch glass and metal, really melt bodies like butter on a hot pan? It will be interesting to see out how Andy and Jamie plan to find out.

2) 98% crystal blue persuasion
Can Walt’s formula really give your plain ol’ white meth that glossy blue hue? Moreover, is it possible to formulate methamphetamine so potent that it can eliminate sleep from the face of the earth? Drug chemists, take note if you’re planning to charge-up, or release a pastel-colored collection to your current narcotic catalog.

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