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United States of Food: A Food Show For Real (Hungry) Men

New food show on TLC set to make your mouth water
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 17, 2013
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We have three words for you: Bacon, steak, burgers.

We love them. We can’t get enough of them. In spite of commonplace warnings regarding these heavenly dishes’ apparent lack of positive benefits to your well-being, our hearts continue to beat for them.  

This is because they are absolutely delicious, and we’re not even kidding.

And these three are about to become the stars in their very own TLC TV series, United States of Food, hosted by Chef Todd Fisher. A two-decade veteran in the culinary industry, the California native embarks on a cross-country quest to hunt for the tastiest, most drool-worthy preparations of bacon, steak and burgers.

United States of Food is set for a three-episode stomach-teasing romp, with each episode focusing on each food.

"United States of Steak," which premieres on April 22, sees Chef Todd sampling the best Texas T-Bone steak, grilling one himself in Michigan, and checking out why this certain New York steak joint has been rated the best in the country for 28 years now.

"United States of Burgers," which premieres on April 29, will have our intrepid palate pirate munching down burgers in Connecticut, Boston, New York, Memphis, Atlanta and a burger place in Chicago made famous by a Saturday Night Live skit.

Lastly, "United States of Bacon," debuting on May 6, will have our Chef on a trip to his cardiologist to see just how far the American favorite has come from being a mere breakfast side dish to an ubiquitous element in sandwiches, hot dogs, and even ice cream.  

Some of us aspire to jump off a plane, some dream to date a Victoria’s secret model. And some others only intend to find the best bacon, burgers, and steak so that the rest of us may one day—if we can get enough money to book a ticket to the U.S.—taste them for ourselves. For that, Chef Todd is a hero in our books.

We were able to have a conversation with the Chef himself where we asked him, among other things, how we can convince former meat-lovers who have become vegetarians to re-embrace their taste for meat.

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