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7 Absurd Anime For Those Who Have A Weird Sense Of Humor

If you loved 'The Disastrous Life of Saiki K' and 'Gintama'
by Chise Alcantara | Jul 19, 2018
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Comedy anime has gotten a lot of hype recently because of the popularity that The Disastrous Life of Saiki K has had on the Netflix platform. Saiki K is about a teenager named Kusuo that just wants to live an uneventful life, despite the overwhelming psychic abilities he was born with. The series has gotten so much praise that it even had a crossover with the legendary gag anime, Gintama.'ve never watched or even heard of these shows? Well, maybe because they aren't the typical animated offerings that a lot of people would "get" seeing, as they appeal to a limited demographic, particularly no-life weeaboo lords.

That said, if you did like these shows then perhaps we could interest you in a few other shamefully hilarious series that are sure to click with that weird-ass brain of yours.

Monogatari Series

With all of the bizarre art and drawn-out monologues (might as well call it the Monologatari Series), this series is definitely an acquired taste. But once you get into the world, it's well worth all the time you spent trying to understand the series intricacies—even the time you spend pausing the video to read the text they flash on the screen all the time). It's a really smart anime with complex themes but luckily, you don't need to understand everything to enjoy watching the show considering it's about a dude that got turned into a half-vampire by a legendary blonde loli vampire. Did we mention that he also has incestual tendencies towards both of his sisters, one of them being an offspring of a phoenix?

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Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto

This is the anime that's probably the closest to Saiki K in terms of comedy as it uses the super OP protagonist concept to drive its story. The story revolves around the coolest high schooler ever, Sakamoto as he does everything perfectly to such an infuriating degree that almost all the men around him want to sabotage his perfect image, which leads to him showing off his calm and cool demeanor even more!

Golden Boy

It's about a guy who left his secure and comfortable life to travel all over Japan on his bicycle, the Mikazuki 5, and his trusty notebook where he records all his insane escapades. Even though Kintaro Oe is a major sleazeball, we can't help but root for this lovable fool because of his willingness to learn new things and his passionate heart. This is probably one of the legendary classic animes that inspired countless perverted protagonists that we all love to laugh at today. Also, this is one of the few animes we'll recommend watching in the dub because of how amazing Doug Smith is... "OH MY GAUD! So educational!"

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Daily Lives of High School Boys

Slice of life animes rarely captures the perfect balance between reality and fantastic fiction but this anime hits every punchline perfectly. It really knows how to make fun of the stupid shit we were worried about when we were younger like crushes, schoolwork, the curious anxiety that comes with wondering how cute you would look in your sister’s school uniform... you know, typical high school boy problems.

Prison School

This anime takes slapstick comedy to a whole new level where only true ass men can appreciate its beauty. It's about five friends that just happen to enroll in the extremely strict, all-girl school, Hachimitsu Academy that has just opened applications to men, who get caught pervertedly peeking at the female students. It also just so happens that these five friends are masochist and love getting punished by the female students and faculty.

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Arakawa Under the Bridge

This anime is about Kou Ichinomiya, a successful businessman who has only one motto in life, "Never be indebted to anyone!" His life was pretty set until he had a freak accident, which led him to be saved by a strange girl named Nino, that lives under a bridge. Seeing as he owes this girl his life, he has to repay her by granting her only wish—to love her. While that might sound like an intro to a pretty sappy romance anime, you don't want to judge an anime by its premise because apart from having to live under the bridge with Nino, Kou also has to try to live with the "denpasan" or the outcasts of society that thrive in their delusions of grandeur such as literal superstar wearing a star costume, a village chief that claims to be a 620 year old kappa, and a totally buff loli.

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Saint Young Men

Hopefully, there won't be any strict hardcore religious types in the comments section because this is a really good anime. It explores the idea of Jesus and Buddha taking a vacation to our present-day world and living amongst normal people, in this case, the Japanese. In fact, most religious people would probably enjoy the light-hearted jokes based on religious references you could only get if you actually knew a thing or two about Christianity and Buddhism.


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