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Why You Should (Finally) Watch American Horror Story

TV terror at its finest
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 2, 2012
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It’s Halloween again and the creeps are in the air like fake Dracula laughs, cobwebs and ghost faces on the walls of your office lobby. The long weekend seems like a great time to finally go on a vacation, or stay indoors and do a series marathon. If your inner couch potato is craving for that much-needed “staycation,” here’s a TV show that will make the rest period a little bit interesting and more hair-raising.

'I didn't know we had these many maids...'

Ryan Murphy, creator of wholesome TV cantata circus, Glee, whipped up a series so bloodcurdling that even ghosts in the attic will be freaked out to watch it. Murphy teamed up with Nip/Tuck creator, Brad Falchuk, for FX channel’s American Horror Story, an anthology series that burrows ghost stories in a concentrated area.

Seasons One and Two have different plots, and are considered to be a separate miniseries from one another. The first season follows the terrors of a psychiatrist named Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott), his wife Vivien (Connie Britton), and troubled daughter Violet (Tarissa Farmiga) inside their new home that turns out to be, well, very haunted. Ben sets up office in the house, treating patients who are either too deranged or too dead. Jessica Lange plays their neighbor, Constance, who has a dark past and a shady way of raising her disabled child. Episode after episode, ghost characters involve themselves with the Harmons, looking into their time spent in the house right before they died.

So how scary is it? AHS is the kind of scary that happens after a dare gone wrong. It is that kind of feeling that lingers after seeing a manananggal in your dreams, or a headless priest lurking at your window. Expect nightmare-inducing scenes followed by sleepless nights, a period of developing a fear of facing wide mirrors and visiting your own basement.

Season Two (American Horror Story: Asylum) has just begun and the long weekend is the perfect time to catch-up. You might ask: “If it’s too freaky, then why should I watch it?” You should, because AHS will make you feel like it’s Halloween all year-long. If that’s not enough, here are more reasons anyway:

1) Ghost in a latex suit
From YouTube videos, movies, and Magandang Gabi Bayan specials, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen and imagined all kinds of ghosts that can appear out of nowhere. But we’re betting you haven’t seen one in a latex suit. AHS will show you what it’s like when S&M and horror is combined, and you’re sick (or really adventurous) if you find it stimulating rather than freaky.

2) The storylines pass the scare reaction spectrum, from "Aaaah!" to "ZOMG!"
The first season is concentrated in a house where all the ghosts dwell, while the second season takes on a barbaric nuthouse where the crazies are mixed with terrifying elements. One can only imagine the kind of deathlike scenes present in each episode, not to mention the crafty mini-stories that make each episode a little horror film on its own. Thus, viewers react with so much fright that you’ll be surprised with the variation of screams you’ll yelp out.

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