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The Women Of Khal Drogo

The former <em>Game Of Thrones</em> actor is set to visit Manila. We unearth his fictional list of exes (because you know, we're jealous).
by Anton D. Umali | Jul 9, 2015
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By now you must’ve heard that actor Jason Momoa is set to invade Manila. Ready those DVD box sets and Westeros memorabilia if you’ve got them, because on September 17 to 19 at The World Trade Center in Pasay City, Game of Thrones Khal Drogo will be gracing people with his warrior-like presence at the AsiaPOP Comicon 2015 (APCC). 

Khal captured the admiration of GOT geeks the world over by being a brawny, somewhat scary, but totally badass husband to the then-innocent Daenerys Targaryen (that’s Khaleesi to you common-folk!), who every Thronehead now knows as the Mother of Dragons. But the supple blonde Emilia Clarke isn’t the first to fall prey to Momoa’s muscular physique and brooding demeanor that makes the rest of mankind look like Dothraki-rejects.

Here’s the bastard’s rap sheet that would make any professional actor jealous. All hail, Khal Drogo! 


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Played by Stacy Kamano

Image via Baywatch Hawaii

A native of the Hawaiian Islands in real life, Momoa’s lifeguard character was a jet ski riding shark activist capable of destroying bikinis with a single stare. For the reunion movie, Kamano, the part Polish, part German, part Russian, and part Japanese (okay, take a breather) host and actress played Kekoa, the equally adventurous GF to his red-trunks-wearing Jason Ioane. Aloha, Ms. Kamano! 

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Image via Baywatch Hawaii 


Played by Amanda Righetti

Image via Fox

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Count on a cheesy soap opera set in a luxurious resort in Oahu to make a sexy female con artist faking her way to climb the ranks fall for the resident bartender. She just couldn’t resist his sea-salt stricken dreadlocks. Below, a video montage of their torrid love affair composed of surf dates, chasing each other on the beach, and a lot of spit-swapping.

Video via asiooola84


Played by Jewel Staite

Image via Scifiscience

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The Atlantis Expedition’s hot doctor could not resist Momoa’s alien military expert Ronon Dex’s otherworldly advances. When the two got stuck in an infirmary, it prompts a tense love triangle that threatens McKay, another officer in love with the sweet medical officer.

Image via Scifiscience

4)   SKY IN

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Played by Lisa Bonet

Image via Sundance TV

This Sundance TV thriller pits Momoa against real-life wife Lisa Bonet. When Sky, a lawyer on a mission, returns to the Lenapes tribe of her origin in order to help them, she encounters some slight romantic turmoil when she crosses paths with ex-con Philip Kumos. Bonet plays Sky in a stone cold yet seductive manner, her scintillating edge would make any man weak at the knees. The result: The off-screen couple’s onscreen sexual tension is pretty criminal, clearly palpable in the scene below.

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Video via SundanceTV


Played by Virginia Madsen

Image via

In this mom-porn made for TV movie, Momoa injects some much-needed passion into the life of Emma, a woman struggling with a difficult career as a paralegal and a marriage on the rocks. When Lily, the woman who raised her dies, she appeases her wishes by bringing Lily’s ashes back to Hawaii. There she meets Lily’s nephew, a (yet again) shirtless Momoa who gives the full-figured, golden-locked goddess a renewed sense of self. Don’t you wish you had a broken, yet still smokin’ woman like Emma you could fix?

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Image via


Played by Rachel Nichols

Image via Collider

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If you were Conan the Barbarian, you’d rescue this svelte and dangerously beautiful novice of a strange monastery. Not only is she eye candy for the journey, but the necromancer juice coursing through her veins ensures she’s an asset during battle as well.

Video via Lionsgate


Played by Meritt Patterson

Image via Merritt's Twitter account

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In this horror action flick Momoa plays Connor Slaughter, an alpha werewolf (of course) who’s obsessed with Angel, a local bar owner who’s as intoxicating as the liquor she serves. He wants to make werewolf babies with her. Only she’s not succumbing to his rape-y supernatural come-ons. This badly reviewed, poor excuse for a werewolf movie has only one good thing going for it: It stars the heavenly Meritt Patterson.

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