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5 Reasons Why Being A Pro-Gamer is Serious Business

The Philippines grabs the Southeast Asian throne in <em>World of Tanks</em>! Pinoy Pride!
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 17, 2013
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To sports fans, the following leagues maybe unknown to you: WCG. MPGL. MLG.

What the heck are these acronyms? They’re the sports leagues of the future, that’s what. In these fast-growing e-sports leagues—the World Cyber Games, the local Mineski Pro Gaming League and Major League Gaming—instead of playing with balls, young men feverishly grip their gamepads, keyboards, and mice. The leagues have become legit enough that the US even gives out “pro gamer” visas now.

The good news is that Pinoys are in position to take advantage of that! Previously, we’ve won the Southeast Asian championships for StarCraft II and League of Legends. Now we can add's World of Tanks to our title belt collection. Philippine team PVP Super Friendshad a dominating 4-1 win over Singapore’s Insidious Gaming (ISG) during the last September 7, 2013, held in's very own Command Centre in Singapore's Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.

FHM was there to witness the historic victory, and upon arriving, we had one wish: that our MRT stations be equipped with world-class gaming facilities too...

                                                                         Bruce Wayne has never been happier                                                         
For the uninitiated, World of Tanks isn’t a straightforward shooter but not a hardcore simulator either–simplified armor and bullet physics come into play. And though the free-to-play online title’s gameplay may look slow and ripe for a campfest (aka abanger tactics), the two teams showed us that clanking about in big ass tanks is still a pulse-raising experience. The tension as teams hunt for each other is tremendous. If you’re tired of clashes that end as soon as they happen (like every match in Counter-Strike ever) then this is the game for you.

Here's a little recap of what transpired in the said grand finals:

The no-place-to-go pincer movement that ISG employed in the first round had the crowd ooh-ing. The Pinoy’s superior positioning in round two was worthy of a Discovery Channel documentary. Team PVP getting a game-winning kill in round three, with seconds left on the clock, had fists in the air. Finally, the cheering when our team crushed the opponents’ desperate rush in the last round: straight-up TV material. In fact, you can catch the recorded broadcast here:

                                                        Also, this hot chick roamed the tournament grounds

For their efforts, Team PVP won a heart-stopping US$60,000 or P2.3 million! Holy shet! See what we mean when we said pro gaming was legit? Bet you're really jealous right now, and are probably thinking that you're in the wrong profession. Well, we're going to tease you a bit more. Go to the next page for the other things we learned about the pro gaming circuit!

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