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Worst Case Scenario Premieres December 8

<p>And you thought your home was safe</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 8, 2010
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Looks like Bear Grylls has had enough of eating rattle snakes, and drinking elephant poop juice as the Man Vs. Wild star will be starring in a new Discovery Channel show called Worst Case Scenario. [firstpara]

Away from the forests, the deserts, and the mountains he once conquered, the show tasks Grylls with something far more sinister than he’s ever encountered.

 If in Man Vs. Wild, he was abandoned deep in the wild, in Worst Case Scenario, he’ll be tackling challenges that might arise during your daily routine.

These are things that could happen in the office, on the way to work, or while having a leisurely stroll in the park—circumstances that prove to be a lot more spine-tingling than stuff in the wild.

Like Man Vs. Wild though, here we’ll see Grylls demonstrate his survival skills, and show us just how we’ll be able to increase our chances of not dying should the unthinkable happen.

 We chatted with the Bear-man for a bit, and found out what it was like to do the show.

On coming up with scenarios and ideas for the show
Well, we did 12 episodes of that and we really could have done 100, in truth.  There's so many different worst case scenarios.  When you look at that great handbook of worst case scenarios, you can kind of see that. 

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So we just picked the ones that we thought would be the most kind of difficult.  We were filming in L.A. at the time and we literally, during all the prep time, opened newspapers and stuff was happening the whole time. 

We had the Chilean earthquake, had people being mauled by dogs in cities, we had chemical spills, and mugging, earthquakes, and flash floods.  So we just try to recreate everything that we thought was difficult and it would be exciting and that people would be interested and know how you got out of.

It was quite weird, though, because a lot of the times we'd do stuff and then we'd suddenly see the real scenario happen over the next few days.  I remember when I drove a car off the bridge into a lake and literally two days later, on exactly the same bridge where we filmed it, a car kind of skidded off that bridge and went into the lake.  So, at least we kind of knew that we were hitting stuff that was difficult.

On experiencing real-life worst case scenarios
Wow, I've had a lot of real case ones.  I'm trying to think of the ones we did on the show.  I've been mugged before; we did that one on the show.  I've had brake failure before, not quite as severe as we did on the show, but I've had that.  I've had a lot of climbing, worst case scenarios, getting rim rocked and that stuck on mountains where you can't go up, can't go down.  I've had falls, I've had parachute failures.  I've been chased by dogs before in the military, which was kind of pretty scary.

On doing the most difficult Worst Case Scenario episode
We did a really cool last one, which was like your buildings under attack by terrorists and the whole thing was blowing up.  I knew there was something weird with this building and I knew loads of stuff would be happen but I wasn't quite sure exactly what.  I ended up locked inside this building and every escape I tried was just blocked and impossible to get out of and I was rapidly running out of options. 

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It's the only time I used a safety on these shows, and I ended up falling into a huge air bag from very high up off the building, which makes for a cool ended.  So they put it as the end of the whole series and it's a good way to finish because it’s like you've survived everything but this is the one that got you.  So, it was quite a fun way to end it.  But that was a hard one.

Worst Case Scenario episodes premiere every Wednesday at 11:00 pm, starting December 8. Encores Friday at 11:00 am and Sunday at 7:00 pm.


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