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Is It Time For Yaya Dub To Reveal Her Real Voice?

This could be the biggest twist every <em>#AlDub</em> fan has been waiting for.
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 24, 2015
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It (or the lack of it) was her ticket to stardom.

Shortly after a number of her (Kris Aquino) Dubsmash videos went viral, Maine Mendoza was called up by Eat Bulaga because of her knack for lip syncing, to join the Sugod Bahay Gang of its Juan for All, All for Juan: Bayanihan of d' Pipol segment as the sulky character Yaya Dub.

We all know what happened next...

The now-adored yaya fatefully met Alden Richards, forming the phenomenal (and accidental) love team #AlDuband after numerous plot twists to the Twitter record-breaking kalyeserye, followers have yet to watch her break out from lip syncing and hear her use her actual voice in the show.

But that might change soon.

This week, the kalyeserye's episodes featured a number of intriguing lines from a mysterious voice. It started on Monday, the day Yaya returned from her first date with Alden last Saturday:

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The next day, the unidentified voice not only called out "Lola," but also the name of Yaya's Prince Charming:

And then on Wednesday, out of the blue, the same voice uttered "AlDub you," which is one of #AlDub's terms of endearment:

This left viewers wondering, "Who the hell was that?" With the spoken words closely associated to her, is it right to assume that it was the supposedly speechless nanny?

And we don't have to look far for oral juxtaposition; Maine has a YouTube channel—all we need to do is scour for the non-Dubsmash videos. Like that one where she delivered that speech about chivalry from the movie Easy A:

What about a rare real-voice vine?

Which brings to mind her pre-#AlDub interview with Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho:

Even with these sources at hand, it's still quite unclear if indeed it was Maine who said those shriek-inducing spiels. Although by the looks of things, we're nearing the end of this celebrated chapter—and possibly, the beginning of an unobstructed love story.

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To all this we ask: Is it really time for Yaya Dub to speak up for real in the kalyeserye? We don't know, but we admit if she did, it would be one helluva twist—quite possibly one of the biggest ones to ever hit the ultra-popular kalyeserye.

This time, she could finally tear her ticket to stardom, and grab bigger opportunities from here on.

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