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Aug 14, 2015
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So you've decided to finally pop the question. Now what? Do the parents know? Yes? Great! Have you picked the precious ring? Clueless? That's alright.

Buying a ring can be a daunting affair. After all, it's not just any other usual girly accessory. It's a symbol of your love and commitment so, you know, it must be really something special.

So, before you hit the wild, wild world of ladies' abubot, familiarize yourself with the terms and concepts related to picking the right ring. We've put together a host of nifty infographics from all over the Internet so you can avoid the dreaded "WTF am I doing?" moment while inside the jewelry store.

1)   First, you have to know the parts of the ring so you can easily describe what you want to the jeweler.

Photo via Padisgems.com

2)   The second most important thing is to know her ring size. Be sneaky, bro!

Photo via Visual.ly

3)   Then, familiarize yourself with the 4Cs: carat, cut, color, and clarity.

Photo via Since1910.com

4)   Decide about the size of the carat. (Remember, a bigger number = more expensive!)

Photo via Zales.com

5)   If you like to go with diamonds, here are your choices:

Photo via Barkevs.com

Pro tip: She'll probably prefer something which looks elegant and sophisticated, so forget the heart shape. That's so high school!

6)   But if you prefer to go with gemstones, we say, pick her birthstone or favorite color!

Photo via Jewels-by-julie.com

7)   In case you're looking for a wedding ring. Looks like tungsten is a win!

Photo via Tungstenaffinity.com

8)   And lastly, don't forget the style. 

Photo via Padisgems.com

Got that, gents? Here's to hoping you'll pick the right one for your "right one"!