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Jan 4, 2014
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Paging all soldiers of love! Were you traumatized by the object of your obsession in 2013? Were you categorically placed in “the friendzone,” a.k.a. that special place right between hell and limbo? Pinakulam ka ba ng crush mo after you poured your heart out via an old-fashioned harana

Well, it’s 2014—and that means you can now officially say this without lying: “My shitty, I-wish-I-was-never-born, this-is-worse-than-death- love-life is ‘so last year.’”

But a cookie-cutter New Year’s Resolution just won’t do. If you look at the mirror and you see someone fugly, you know you need more than a resolution.

You need a transformation.

You need to read the nuggets of man-wisdom I have listed on the next page. 

BUT BEFORE THAT, a friendly reminder from yours truly and the certified manyaks of FHM.com.ph:

Happy New Year, FHM Nation! May you have
more beautiful women to look at this 2014!

NEXT: The nuggets of wisdom I promised you before I interrupted you with a thumbs-up selfie