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May 28, 2014
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In just a couple of days, pasukan na, FHM Nation!

And that means a new and exciting start of the school year for them youngins. The bad news though is daily traffic will also worsen. But on the brighter side, 'em hot kolehiyalas will also be back on campus and the streets!

These eye catchers are one of the very few things we look forward to in our everyday commute. We mean, if all school girls dress like 1999 Britney Spears then, boy, we're in for a lot of trouble:


We don’t know if it’s the hiked-up skirt, the white blouse, or the knee-length socks, but the school girl ensemble strikes us as downright sexy!  

That’s why in this week's edition of FHM Hump Day Survival, we're giving you a gallery of babes who forgot how to wear their school uniforms properly. You're welcome, manyaks fellas!

Photos from Pinterest