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Jun 1, 2015
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Durex has had a colorful history of banned commercials.

Whether it's because of plain inappropriateness...

Video via David Arellano

(Balloon twisting has never been the same again for little Johnny.)

...or head-scratching, WTF reasons...

Video via Dattucha

...the condom brand's promotion materials—and their publicity team who doesn't seem to get a grip on fail-safe advertising—ultimately end up as botched ad experiments.

However, Durex Japan may have found the right formula to make a libidinous yet still viewer-friendly promotion, apparently doing so for the ad for their just-released "Real Love" condom line.

The key: some harmless, clothed Kama Sutra moves:

What looked like a mixed-gender sumo match at first went on to become a series of well-choreographed, passionate groping and grabbing, embedded in a sea of catchy jazzy-blues tunes. The ad—which most likely passed the Japanese Advertising Review Organization's criteria—screams love more than lust.

Excited much? Here's the full ad:

Video via 郭進川

That last scene says it all.

The whole thing actually looks like a nice, tame guide on spicing up your bedroom escapades—something that couples everywhere can watch without guilt or embarrassment. Good job, Durex!