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Aug 29, 2013
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Grand Theft Auto V, the year’s biggest title, will be out on September 17 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The anticipation is huge for the do-anything, open-world title, owing to the fact that it’s the first full GTA game in half a decade (GTA IV came out in 2008) and it could be the last, great game for this generation of consoles before the PS4s and Xbox Ones take over.

If the name GTA doesn’t impress you though, perhaps this trailer will:


has always been an immense game, but the latest just feels…extra-ambitious. And we’re buying into the hype!

With our excitement at an it-can’t-come-soon-enough high, we can’t help but remember that little snafu that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas—the last GTA game before the PS3s and Xbox 360s took over—tripped over back in 2005: the “Hot Coffee” mod.

Here’s a screenshot:

”Hot Coffee” was a mod released for the PC version of the game, which activated a mini-game where your character can have sex with his girlfriend. The files, though inactive in the official version, shipped with copies of the game. It took a few clever gamers to re-activate it. The reaction amongst media watchdogs was swift. “What’s a sex game doing in a videogame?” they screamed, prompting GTA's developer, Rockstar Games, to patch up their game and remove those scenes for good.

Since then, sex-related mini-games have reappeared in various big titles, albeit in different forms. Click on the next page for a romp-filled rundown!

1) The Sims 2 and 3 let you make babies

While the depiction is tame and cartoony, the popular people-simulator allowed you to have sex. Or in this case, have "woohoo." Like in real-life though, there's a chance of knocking someone up!


2) God Of War III forces you to screw a goddess

Along with its brutal killing sprees, the mythological action series has been known for its sex scenes. Almost every game in the series has one. Our favorite: the one with Aphrodite in GOW 3 where she forces Kratos to do the deed in exchange for vital information.


3) Killer Is Dead
encourages you to look at boobs

This stylish action game lets hero Mondo Zappa acquire new weapons through the game's "Gigolo" mode. In it, you date a hot girl, and try to ogle at her boobs to fill up your "guts level." Hit a certain level, and you get to give her a gift, for which she might give you a weapon upgrade in return.



4) Dragon’s Crown lets you creepily grope women

Heavy Rain is one of the most cinematic games of this generation with a focus on hyperrealism. Like movies, it has one big love scene between the two important figures in the game. The only difference? You can control what's going to happen next. Press "O" to kiss, and "X" not to kiss. It's like you're directing your own movie!


5) Way of the Samurai 4 redefines flirting

Way of the Samurai 4 has a lot of sex-related minigames. In the video below though, the game redefines what casual hook-ups are. In this game, you just say about three lines to a lady, and then she invites you over. You sneak in like a sleuth at night, knock the people in her house unconscious, and then take her to the inn. You then have to "hit" the girl to knock her clothes off, before the digital jiggy begins.


6) Romance is a big part of Mass Effect

Of all the sex-filled games, Mass Effect tried the hardest to smoothly integrate a romance aspect to the overall narrative. It also turned a few heads for giving players the ability to pursue not just heterosexual relationships, but also homosexual ones.


7) The Yakuza games are also a beerhouse simulator

In the Yakuza series, you can visit hostess clubs where you get to meet and woo girls. If you're running low on real-life beerhouse funds, well, this game gives you an alternative.


8) Catherine shows men the consequences of cheating on your girlfriend

Okay, so this really isn't a mini-game, but since we're on the topic of sex-infused games, we're including it anyway. The game tackles the subject of faithfulness—a subject that many men surely have experience with. A girl named Catherine comes into the protagonist's life, and he is faced with the dilemma of staying loyal to his original girlfriend, Katherine.


How far has sex in games progressed? Some games like Mass Effect and Heavy Rain attempted for more mature depictions. Others like Killer Is Dead and Dragon's Crown are more juvenile. With the scope of Grand Theft Auto V, it's a gimme that sex will figure into the game somehow. Where on the spectrum will it belong? We'll find out come September 17.