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10 Fashion Failures!

<p>It's about time we all correct ourselves no, isn't it?</p>
| Oct 19, 2009
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Before any of us can move on to looking sharp and pogi, shopping for those classics and succumbing to trends, there are a few fashion no-nos we have to set strraight. Here's the deal, most of these fashion failures occur because we don't know our size. Or to be more precise, we don't wear the right sizes.

Since you're spending hard-earned dough, you might as well make use of everything that a shop has to offer: Use their fitting rooms. Ask assistance from their sales associates. And really, it won't hurt to ask if they offered alterations. And if they don't, what's a trip down one level to the alterations kiosk? Another P50 will give you a better fit. And better fit, as we all know, equals priceless confidence.

Another reason for a fashion fail: laziness. And still another: Disorganized closet. Now, we can't help you with that. But we can point it out. Then, you'll be aware. And that's always a first step.

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