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10 Specs That Will Up Your Look

Because glasses are no longer just for the nerds
by Tricia Quintero | May 29, 2018
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Did you know that women find men who wear glasses attractive? Well, that might be an over generalization, but you get the point. Maybe it’s the mysterious appeal, the geeky vibe, or the all-too-serious allure, but there is something about guys with specs that turns women’s heads–if you get it right. Remember emo glasses? Yeah, that's not the impact we're going for. The amount of choices can be overwhelming though, so we've narrowed things down to ten specs that you should look into first.

Photo by Sunnies Specs 

Dillon, Sunnies Specs

You’re no Clark Kent, but you definitely should be taking notes. Lois Lane did go crazy for him, and it may partly be because of how dapper he looks wearing his glasses. P1,999+

Photo by Sunnies Specs

Meyer, Sunnies Specs

If your primary concern is functionality and want to keep it low-key on design, this simple frame is for you. Its minimalist design puts correcting your vision first and foremost. P1,999+

Photo by Sunnies Specs

Clayton, Sunnies Spec

For that easy and effortless look, this pair from Sunnies is for you. It has the right combination of that nerdy, serious yet stylish look. P1,999+

Photo by Owndays

Graph Belle, Owndays 
If you’re looking for specs that are enough for all-day wear, half-rimmed specs should be your go-to. This one from Owndays is exactly that and chic as hell. P4,990

Photo by Owndays

Owndays Snap, Owndays
#blessed with a strong jawline? Go for round-shaped glasses. This full-rimmed pair will soften your boxy features while making you look dapper. P5,490

Photo by Owndays

AIR for Men, Owndays
If you want a lightweight pair, you already know that no-rim glasses should be your go-to. Pulling off one, though, is no easy task, but this pair can make it a tad easier for you. P3,990

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Photo by Stradivarius 

Aviator reading glasses, Stradivarius
Aviator shades fit just about anyone. Now, you can rock this well-loved silhouette while making sure you have clear vision as well. P795 

Photo by Stradivarius

Black reading glasses, Stradivarius
Keep it simple with these whole-rimmed glasses. Don’t fret, though, its angular shape will ensure that you still stand out. P795

Photo by Zara

Octagonal frames, Zara
If you have a bit more of an adventurous taste, you can opt for these octagon-shaped specs. It has an eccentric shape and a bolder color way that will help you make a fashion statement even while doing something as mundane as reading. P1,695

Photo by Mango 

Square specs, Mango
Want a more serious vibe? These square-shaped specs are for you. If you can pull off the oversized look, no one will look bolder than you. P1,295

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