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#FHMKnowsStyle: 12 Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Man-drobe!

Like your gaming rig or your dating skills, that mountain of clothes inside your closet needs to be upgraded every once in a while!
by Ash Mahinay | Oct 16, 2014
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Practical dudes will hang onto their clothes until they fall apart–that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Clothes don’t just break though; they also go out of style. And if any of these signs have happened to you, then we hate to break it to your kuripot self, but it might be time to upgrade your man-drobe!

Trust us, nothing lasts forever, certainly not that maong pants you've been keeping for, like, forever. So do your style game a favor and heed our call if you're experiencing the things below!

1)   The chalky yellow-y shade is cool and unique to it, but it’s time to replace your barong if it's getting too naninilaw na for comfort.

wardrobe upgrade

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Plot twist: It was originally white…

2)   Your kid borrows your ties for his businessman costume. But only because his costume peg is Wolf of Wall Street and he couldn’t find a crappy enough tie

wardrobe upgradeGIF via

He also borrows your pomada because he claims it’s hard to find where kids buy their shit these days.

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3)   Your T-shirts wouldn’t look out of place on one of those spiral notebooks with Marvin and Jolina on the cover

wardrobe upgradeImage via

In case you were never blessed with one of them in school, the tees often had:

  • the color pink
  • geometric segments 
  • a love handle-defining fit

NEXT: Remember those jeans that can accommodate two of you? 

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