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15 Rash Guards That Will Help You Beat The Summer Heat

If you're planning to surf or simply go to the beach, you'll need a rash guard for that
by Ash Mahinay | Apr 15, 2017
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After you get your first case of surf rash, that’s when you’ll realize that rash guards weren’t just created for modesty purposes on the beach. Don’t worry about looking like an overprotected child at the beach in any of these!

Stoked Quiver Rashguard (Black/Black)

Even though it’s for summer, all black is always totally acceptable for a rashguard...

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Stoked Quiver Rashguard (Black/Red)

...but adding a little color blocking will help you look less Slenderman if you’re the skinny type though. That subtle grey is the MVP here.

Quiksilver Too Many Tank Rash Vest

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Not all rashguards need to be full coverage–go suns out, guns out with this one.
Price available upon request

Quiksilver All Time Rash Vest

When you’re tanned AF, a white rashguard will bring out your golden brown goodness even more.
Price available upon request

Rip Curl E-Bomb Vest

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Another colorway staple that’s been around forever is navy and yellow. Keep it updated by riding the asymmetrical trend­—helps your friends on the shore figure out what direction you’re flailing around in the water too!

Rip Curl Aggrolite Vest

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We at FHM vehemently oppose wearing basketball jerseys in the water. But if ball is life, this one has that hardcourt vibe to it.

Hurley One and Only Vest

This brand has one of the athletic-cool logos in our opinion, which is why we’re okay with them just peeking out on this one.
Price available upon request

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Billabong Momentum X Performance Fit Vest

Can’t decide which color accent you want most on your vest? Here’s one with all of them.

Billabong Tribong Wetshirt

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Featuring that Black Panther-fist action for when you're taking your shaka photos.

Volcom Polka Rashguard

Lit graphics do not appear on boardshorts alone, fam.

Volcom Vibes Rashguard

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Look at that subtle armpit graphic. We’d get this in t-shirt form all day to be honest.

O’Neill Skins Crew Rashguard

Classic design cues for the classic gentleman surfer.

RVCA Full Neoprene Back Zip Wetsuit Jacket

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Do your summer plans involve washing up on Panatag Shoal and taking the fight to the Chinese? This military green suit will back you up when America won’t.

Hurley Dry Icon

More all-white goodness. Will give you a funky tan line, but who cares?

O’Neill Skins Long Sleeve Rashguard

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What color you pair this minty fresh top with is up to you, because we aren’t sure either!

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