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20 Fashion Fails No Self-Respecting Guy Should Ever Wear

Don't alert the fashion police!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 26, 2015
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Many guys are clueless when it comes to fashion. Hence, these questions we often ask: "What’s trendy?," "Is printed over printed okay?," "Do I look baduy in my getup?"

With the need to be different though, many of us try bravely to invent or adopt a new stylewhich is risky business. Some survive and manage to spawn a good-looking, game-changing trend. Others though fail miserably and become examples of how not to wear clothes.

What we're about to show you belongs to the latter, with the main goal, of course, of saving you from fashion disasters. Sure, we could always show you the proper way to, say, rock a pair of jeans (which is what we would normally do), but we believe a little, uhm, shock factor could also go a long way.

See below, 20 outfits no bro should be caught dead wearing, ever.


Photo via Theidleman.com

One of the worst fashion fails of all time goes to British TV personality Bobby Norris who wore a type of underwear aptly called the "dick sling" (for obvious, eye-burning reasons) during his stay in Marbella, Spain. How does it stay up? We don’t know either. But we hope we'll never see it again.


 Photo via Theidleman.com

Here's the man-child known as Justin Bieber sporting what we can only describe as a pair of girly, purple leopard print pants partnered with a black pullover shirt. Add to the mix a yellow cap with more metal studs than a Kiss concert.


Photo via Theidleman.com

We're big Pharrell fans, but not of the tuxedo shorts he wore to the Oscars last year. We mean, it looks like something a 13-year-old boy who doesn't know jack about fashion would wear, but not a millionaire recording artist who has access to the best threads money can buy!


Photo via Wetpaint.com

While it looks hot on gals, see-through clothing should never, ever be found on any guy. Take a look at Kevin McHale above who has that unmistakable "Kill me know" expression on his face. We feel you, bro.


Photo via Wetpaint.com

Gents, always wear a shirt underneath your vest. What are you, a member of the latest BDSM club in town?


Photo via Wetpaint.com

It was almost perfect until we saw Justin Theroux’s shoes. We know it’s not easy choosing between your fave kicks for an important occassion, but that's no excuse to wear shoes from different pairs at the same time.

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Photo via Complex.com

Did  Thomas Dekker (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Foreverland) buy this sweater at 50-percent off, literally? We could not think of any reason why he’d buy and (worse) wear such a thing.


Photo via Complex.com

Here's one reason why rap artists aren't fashion gurus: studded belts.


Photo via Complex.com

No matter how you look at it, covering your neck with copious amounts of fabric ain't cool at all. It's probably really, really hot under the collar, too (see what we did there?).


Photo via Complex.com

Do yourself a favor and just choose between a polo or a plain tee. Don't combine the two, or you'll risk looking like the dorkiest kid in town.


Photo via Complex.com

V-necks with the right amount of depth can make you look nice, but the super deep ones are really absurd. It’s unreasonable and impossible to pull off.


Photo via Complex.com

This item makes you look like you just played an awful game of "Pin the tail on the donkey" with your younger siblings.


Photo via Complex.com

Oversized tees should stay in the '90s where they belong. It just makes you look like you have a giant older bro, and you want to use his pinaglumaan shirts to look all gangster.


Photo via Complex.com

We get it: you’re a rebel who doesn’t care what other people say. But this trend has already died (not that it was really "alive" in the first place). Grow up and buy jeans that fit.


Photo via Dailymail.co.uk

Do you want to look like you mistakenly grabbed the sofa cover instead of your scarf on your way out, like Lenny Kravitz above? We thought so.


Photo via Dailymail.co.uk

Reality TV actor Oliver Proudlock thought he looked cool with the head-to-toe tartan outfit. We don't know about you but he looks more like a picnic blanket.


Photo via Dailymail.co.uk

The usually dapper The Only Way Is Essex actor Mark Wright was caught by the paparazzi wearing a pink tracksuit for a trip to Newcastle in England. What makes it worse it that he paired it with a pair of bright white trainer shoes.


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Photo via Cosmopolitan.co.za

Do you really want to wear something that looks like it's crushing your family jewels?


Photo via Cosmopolitan.co.za

Expect jokes and puns about how many leopards were killed to be thrown your way when you wear this. Also, it really doesn't look manly, which is quite ironic given that leopards are among the most ferocious of animals.


Photo via Bleacherreport.com

We love denim, but not to the extent that we're willing to cover our whole body with it. Nope, it won't work even if you're a big time celeb like Justin Timberlake.

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