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3 Style Blunders That Make You Look Like A Tito

Here are three common fashion habits you have that make you look older, and ways to avoid them.
| Oct 28, 2015
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The biggest sartorial blunder is not where you buy your clothes or how much you spend on them—it’s when you think some things still look cool and hip and happening (for instance, is the word "happening" still a thing?) when they are not.

Here are three common fashion habits men have that make them look older, and ways to avoid them.

The Problem: You wear thick athletic socks with your sneakers. And awful white ones at that.

This was cool in the '90s, when you could get away with pairing baggy jeans with thick white socks and basketball shoes. Yeah, those were the days, but those days are over.

Reach for no-show ankle ones in black when you're wearing sneakers (especially when you're cuffing or pinrolling jeans); long printed ones—in argyle, stripes, or dots—when you're wearing dress shoes.

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The Problem: Your wallet is so thick, your back pocket bulges.

A back pocket bulge is unflattering, because it makes your butt look weird. Your wallet is supposed to stash your cash, yes. But nobody brings that much cash every day, right? And besides, its only bulky because you like to accumulate receipts, which is smart if you like to keep track of expenses. But it wouldn't hurt to empty your wallet's contents once a week for a more streamlined behind.

The Problem: Every single thing you own is oversized.

Your shirt ends at the thighs, your trousers aren't hemmed properly, and your polo is a size too big. It doesn't matter where you buy your clothes. If the fit isn't right and it seems like you're drowning in fabric, don't leave the house.

Tailoring means everything in menswear, and the good thing about it is that it isn't expensive. If your jeans are dragging on the floor, or your trousers are too long, a quick visit to an alteration specialist (there’s one in every mall and barangay) is a must and won’t take a lot of time.

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