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5 Easy Fashion Tricks To Add Excitement To Your Daily ‘Jeans-And-Shirt’ Look

Give your daily get-up a style boost with these simple tips.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Oct 20, 2015
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In the Philippines, "streetwear" is essentially "jeans and shirt." Sounds boring? Well, it's definitely not avant-garde by any stretch of the imagination. 

But there's a way to give that reliable combo a little boost. We've got five tips here that will help your standard get-up stand out more than usual!

1)   Go for an ultra-sleek monochrome look

First, get a shirt and a hat in the same dark shade. But so you won't look like you're wearing a uniform, make sure that the jeans are of a darker color. It's the perfect way to go incognito in the city streets. 

2)   Tie that jacket around your waist

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Tying your jacket around your waist was a '90s move. Well, guess what? The move has made a comeback. It's cool again, and so are caps worn backwards. 

3)   Rock the "long tee"

The long tee is a kind of shirt that goes beyond your crotch. Everything else is cut the same way a normal shirt is, save for the length. It's an eye-catching look for sure, but be careful; it really only works if you're tall. 

4)   If you're short, there's always the tri-color tee

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To rock a busy-looking shirt like this one, make sure that your pants are of a similar shade to one of the colors of the tee. This prevents things from looking like there's so much going on, and balances the overall look. 

5)   Never not have a black hoodie in your closet

The black hoodie should be a staple in all closets. It could be the perfect building block to everything else you plan to wear that day, and at the same time, a very easy tweak to your regular look—just so long as the weather permits it. 

The images are from RRJ's latest collection, the Strike Series. Visit them on Facebook for more information.

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