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5 Shopping Alternatives For The Thrifty Style Guy

For when you're not in the mood to make your wallet cry
by Shayne Exito | Jun 21, 2017
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Department stores hold much of the same appeal as food courts—they’re big, they’ve got a wide selection of products, and they’re generally budget-friendly. For guys who like variety, but don’t want to break the bank when filling up their wardrobes, department stores are a godsend, with prices typically ranging from P300 to P1,500. 

But department stores aren’t the only places where you can get affordable clothes. If you’re planning to do any shopping sometime soon, consider these five department store alternatives:

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Bargain Binge

They may require some more leg-work and haggling skills, but places like Divisoria and Greenhills are considered shopping meccas for a reason—you can find virtually anything piece of clothing you want there. 

Prices vary, of course, and there’s a far wider range of them than what you’d find at department stores. But as long as you keep your wits about you, you’ll walk away with a good deal. Don’t be surprised if you score a shirt for as low as P150, or awesome kicks for nothing more than P500. Just keep a wary eye for fakes or uber cheap material.

Casual Day Out

Brands like Bench and Penshoppe have defined our concept of low-cost casual clothing that are still, despite their ubiquity, considered pretty damn trendy. These department store staples offer a wide variety of wardrobe essentials from jeans to tees to polo-shirts to button-downs for very budget-friendly prices.

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Now, keep in mind that because these brands are so affordable, there’s a big chance that you’ll run into someone wearing the exact same outfit sooner or later. So to keep the twinning at bay, we suggest you go for mall stores like Oxygen and Factorie that offer up slightly edgier and more unique selections instead; they’re prices are usually still well within the P1000 limit.

Statement Style

Just like how statement clothing is a great way to breakaway from your usual steez, concept stores are good choices for when you’re looking for more than the standard department store fare.

Artwork or Flying Dutchman may not have many branches yet, but they’re the places to be if you’re looking for unique statement pieces. Their stock of quirkily designed, good quality clothing are generally priced under P1000—a veritable steal considering the style points you’ll be earning with them.

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Back to Basics

You know what will never go out of style? Basics: clean-cut pieces in solid colors or subtle patterns that are easy to wear by themselves or paired with others. Whether you’re looking to stock up on comfort wear or just padding out your closet with stylish, good-quality clothing, you won’t go wrong with Uniqlo, H&M, or Surplus Shop. While their prices are on the costlier side of our department store range, with some pieces tipping past the P1,500 marker, they’re definitely worth the cash you’ll be breaking out.

They don’t just carry basics, either. They’re also really good choices for outerwear shopping in general since they typically carry foreign fashions. So go there if you’re looking for a really bombing jacket or hoodie.

Online Steals

Online shopping is one of the greatest innovations of the Internet Age (which is saying a lot). It’s convenience at it’s finest, and allows even the laziest dude out there to shop to his heart’s content. Online shopping centers like Zalora and Lazada offer the same sort of endless variety as department stores and even carrying brands that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. You can even control the price range so you don’t need to go through countless items that you can’t afford anyway. 

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And unlike Divisoria, Greenhills, and others like them, you don’t have to leave your house (or even change out of your pambahay) to do all the shopping you want! Just remember to manage your expenses wises—online purchases have a tendency to pile up without your notice.

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