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5 Manly Timepieces For The Bro Who's Extremely #Blessed This Year

These stylish, oversized watches are worth as much as a second-hand car. 
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Nov 17, 2015

Christmas is coming, and you know what that means: Your 13th month pay is right around the corner.

If you're getting a really, really handsome bonus next month, then it's probably time to reward yourself with something really, really handsome too.

The watches below might fit the bill.

They're not your ordinary, everyday wrist accessories as their price tags indicate. But if you'd like to give yourself a proper reward for the hard work you've put forth over the year, then these watches might be worth investing in!


It looks somewhat similar to the brand's older M-Series models but this newly launched piece carries better features. One of these is its embedded NFC (near-field communication) chip. This allows the watch to be authenticated with the SevenFriday mobile application, assuring the owner that the watch is legit. Clever isn't it?

THE PRICE: ₱62, 500

WHERE TO BUY IT: 5L Mega Fashion Hall or Promenade 3


It may be technically identical to the V1/01 but this timepiece still deserves a spot on our list because of its retro cool tone. Best for dudes who'd like to look classy and rugged at the same time.

THE PRICE: ₱62, 500

WHERE TO BUY IT: 5L Mega Fashion Hall or Promenade 3


This piece doesn't just look handsome and tough; it's also great for the man who's always on the move. It has functional features such as the dual time zone display and a diving depth of 1,000 meters. It's the perfect wrist accessory for guys who love the sea.

THE PRICE: ₱ 135, 190

WHERE TO BUY IT: Any leading watch stores


This is the first-ever automatic watch to feature a mechanical altimeter, which measures air pressure. Why would you need that? It's a great tool for the outdoor-sy dudes. With this feature, they can use the watch as a weather forecasting instrument. When you see the altimeter rising, chances are it'll be a fine day; when you see it dip, it's likely to be wet and windy. A great watch if you're into hiking. 

THE PRICE: ₱120, 990

WHERE TO BUY IT: Any leading watch stores


Like Audi's high-tech cars, this watch is engineered to be as light and strong as possible while being packed with a series of innovative features. A titanium case coated with "Diamond-Like Carbon" guarantees exceptional hardness. If you want this watch, however, you'll have to save up fast because it's limited to 2,000 pieces only.

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PRICE: ₱139, 450

WHERE TO BUY IT: Any leading watch stores

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