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5 Tried And Tested Ways To Wear Dope Side-Stripe Pants

Plus, five tops under P1,500 to pair 'em with
by Ash Mahinay | Mar 4, 2018
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You might have spotted something new running down pant legs lately: crisp stripe detailing. It’s the kind of trend we like: lowkey enough that it won’t take over your entire outfit, but a strong enough detail that everyone will notice it for sure. You can find pairs with different highlight colors but we recommend going with a clean white stripe for your first pair—and here’s how to wear it.

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Striped pants have this clean geometric feel to them, so we recommend going with equally clean tops. Leave the heavy graphics at home and opt for something simpler like this striped tee.

White tee, P439.75, Bench
Ztrack pants, P2,000, Above the Ankle

You might think “stripes = formal” but there’s really no pressure to dress up your entire outfit because you’re in fancy pants. An athletic jacket works just as well—we recommend no logo spam, though.

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Athletic jacket, P1499, Bench

Or even just a full-color tee. Let the stripe be the key detail that will make people look at you from up and down, lol.

Vogue tee, thrifted

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A sweatshirt is always an option for pairing with pants when you want to enter that little zone between casual and dressed up. Think non-fancy dates that still require preparation because, hey, it’s a date.

Green sweatshirt, P549, Bench

When you really want to give your new trousers a workout, go all in with something like a turtleneck under a solid bomber. Sure, you can pull off the same thing with the usual pair of denim, but doing it in “fashionable” bottoms is a big difference.

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Bomber jacket, P1399.75, Bench

Photography Ria Regino Styling JL Crespo Model Fabricio of Mercator

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