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6 Fashion Items You Think You Don't Need But You Actually Do

Trust us, you just need a little bit of convincing...
by Ash Mahinay | Oct 10, 2013
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Living in an age where everything is more accessible than ever has led to a sort of reverse effect: We end up feeling like a lot of things are actually frivolous and pointless. Now feeling that way is different from actually not amassing piles of crap, but we’re not here to lecture you on responsible spending. We’re actually here to encourage you to score some more things that you think you’ll never need–but will begin to make much more sense after we've done a little convincing.

For instance, below are the six clothing/fashion items you always believed you didn't need but are actually a must-have!

1. SCARFadditional mens fashion items
What you’re thinking:
"That’s some extremely gay shit right there. What am I, a stylist?"

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What we say: We’re not going to advocate it as style accessory; a scarf is actually your best friend outdoors. For the rare times you get a chill in our country, a scarf will give you that extra warmth when double jacketing would be overkill. Fond of manly expeditions like mountain climbing? A scarf can keep your head and neck safe from the sun. Fact: Karpinteros wish they had scarves every time they put their shirt masks on. For even more peace of mind, think of the scarf’s army man roots and not stylists wearing them in malls.

2. DRI-FIT SHIRTadditional mens fashion items
What you’re thinking: "I ain’t no meathead, bro…"

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What we say: If you are the normal, non-athletic type, you probably fallback to your trusty basketball jersey when the stray sporting event comes along: Junior’s family sports day, company sportsfest, the long-delayed alumni league, etc. If you want to look like a semi-respectable athlete, then please get a modern dri-fit shirt that actually fits. Yes, it will accentuate your beer belly, but at least you don’t look like a slobby guy with a beer belly.

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