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6 Fashion Tips For Your First Date

Hint: It actually depends where your date is.
by FHM UK | Oct 5, 2015
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Choosing what to wear for a first date can be a real dilemma. It might sound OA but when you want to impress her, there's always additional pressure.

Our bros over at FHM UK talked to their stylist friend Roxie Nafousi and got some tips and tricks to help you find the perfect getup.

Check them out below!

If you're going to see a film…

"The most important thing here is a soft comfy jumper so she can cuddle up to you. Pair it with jeans and some cool trainers–I love it when guys wear sneakers and this is the perfect time to do it without feeling underdressed."

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If you're going to a nice restaurant…

"I think it's nice to make an effort when you're going on a date night so I love to see a guy in a shirt and smart shoes. It just shows that you've put in some thought and that means a lot to us. But I'm really not into the blue blazers, jeans and a white shirt look–that to me is a big no-no. It's too obvious!"

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If you're hanging out at home…

"Grey joggers and a white t-shirt. So simple and so sexy!"

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If you're going to a party…

"I think when you're with a guy at a party the most important thing is that they are confident and sociable. So I actually think you need to just wear whatever makes you feel best so that you can work the room–that's a big turn-on."

If you're doing something adventurous…

"As long as you're not wearing flip flops or sandals then you're good."

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