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6 Workout Clothes That You Can Also Wear In The Office

These pieces are 100% SFW
by Shayne Exito | Jun 20, 2017
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Are you the type of guy who likes to squeeze in an hour at the gym before or after work? Or maybe you’re someone who prefers the particular cut and comfort of exercise gear over any other style of clothing? If you’re either of the two, then we’ve got some good news for you: with performance wear becoming more stylish and versatile, and likewise, with business and leisure pieces starting to take on sportswear features, it’s becoming more and more acceptable to don your workout clothes in the workplace.

Don’t believe us? Check out the pieces below—you might just find your new office-to-gym go-to get-up:

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A short-sleeved polo shirt is an office staple piece because it’s that perfect blend of smart and casual. This performance polo is made from a quick-drying material that makes it perfect for those days you just can’t be bothered to pack an extra shirt after a sesh at the gym.

The raglan sleeves and zip up collar are not only subtle nods to its sportswear origins, they also serve a functional purpose—the sleeves allow for good mobility, while the zipper makes it easy to slip on.

You can get this at: Uniqlo for P990


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Here’s another top you can wear from the office to the gym or vice versa. Because it's a lightweight tee made from Dri-FIT fabric, you can go all out on the treadmill and still walk away feeling dry and fresh. The understated design and neutral color also make it just right for the workplace, especially when you throw on a blazer or sports jacket over it.

You can get this at: Nike for P1,317.30

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If you can’t be bothered to wear a button-down to that not-so-stiff brainstorming with your fellow creatives, a long-sleeved pullover is your best bet, then. This fast-drying running top will keep you simultaneously cool and cozy, so you’ll be at a comfortable temperature whether you’re under the AC at the office or breaking a sweat while pumping iron. Pro-tip: roll up the sleeves and show off your forearms to score extra points with the ladies.

You can get this at: Odlo for P2,795


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Here’s the ultimate dream: you wake up, roll off the bed and pull on your sweatpants, head to the gym, and walk into the office—all without needing a spare pair of trousers. Thankfully, now that sportswear brands are leveling up their style game, that dream is becoming a reality. Stretchy AF and with a fast-drying and sweat-wicking finish, this pair will serve you well in the gym or a run outdoors, but it’s slim fit and front-zip and button fastening won’t look out of place in the office, too.

You can get this at: Odlo for P4,595

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If you’re lucky enough to work somewhere with a relaxed dress code and can get away with shorts, then get ready for a truly comfortable day at work with these babies. As we all know, knee-length sweatshorts are great for hanging out at home or working up a sweat with your buddies, but they’re not typically office-appropriate. The neutral color and slim cut look great when paired with a button up and slip-ons, lending you that effortlessly stylish vibe for sure.

You can get this at: H&M for P899

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Here’s the secret to looking good, gents: wear clothes that are well-tailored and fit your body well. Even something as casual as a hoodie will look suitable for the office if you pick one that looks as good as this. Made with quick-dry and stretchy fabric, it’s as good a fit for the gym as it is in your workplace. Pro-tip: avoid loud and messy prints and stick to solid colors instead for a more professional look.

You can get this at: Uniqlo for P1,490

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