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8 New Year's Style Resolutions For Dudes

Some of the really ingenious New Year's Resolutions we're thinking of right now: No more extra rice! No more #lamehashtags! No more Mr. Torpe! Oh, and No More Kabaduyan! Be stylish (or at least, not outdated) this 2014 by following FHM's lead!
by Neps Firmalan | Dec 30, 2013
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Bagong taon, bagong buhay!

We're nearing the start of 2014, fellas! Since none of us is perfect, we bet you've already finished your own list of New Year's resolutions. Some of the really patok ones we're thinking of right now: No more extra rice! No more #lamehashtags! No more Mr. Torpe!

So, what do you have in yours?

Whatever it may be, we do hope you've included a couple or so items about fashion in there. Not that we don't appreciate "inner beauty," we just feel that working on how you dress is also a significant step to the new and improved you. Naks!

With this in mind, we present to you these Eight New Year's Style Resolutions For Dudes! Bros, do yourselves a favor and follow these. And girls, help your man accomplish these by, say, coming up with a nice rewards system (i.e. kiss sabay hug for every successful endeavor), will you?

RESOLUTION #1: No more sunglasses at night

new year's resolutions for fashion

Unless you're a Terminator, has a nasty eye infection, a fresh black eye or, buti nga sa iyo, a huge kuliti, there's really no excuse for wearing sunglasses when the sun's not up. It doesn't look cool then, it doesn't look cool now. Heck, it's never been cool (unless of course for blind people). If you've been doing this like a ritual, then start "recovery" by replacing shades with some nice transparent glasses that won't make you look like you have sore eyes.

(Addendum: With regards to transparent glasses, it's best you only wear one if you really need 'em. Translation: Itapon mo na yang walang grado mong salamin! You're not a douche, right?)

RESOLUTION #2: Let your balls breathe!

new year's resolutions for fashion

Ditch those super-skinny jeans! We get it, you emo kids wear it because it's part of your "culture." But isn't being whiny enough of a burden? Should you also suffocate your balls? Go the manlier route by donning straight cut pants or anything bigger/wider than the "I-want-people-to-notice-my-boner" size.

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sakto tee sizes

new year's resolutions for fashion

We know many guys like to look more macho by wearing shirts that's one or two sizes smaller. Too bad their beer bellies betray them. On the other end of the shirt-size spectrum are those that wear oversized tees in a failed effort to look more "gangsta." Our tip: Avoid these extremes and go with the right size for you! Shirt sizes are there for a reason.

RESOLUTION #4: Wear the right pair of socks

new year's resolutions for fashion

Sometimes, laziness bites us so hard that we're too lazy to even wear the right pair of socks. Sure, the other sock might've gone missing (chances are it's just in your messy closet), but can't you just wear a different, matched pair? The real lesson here though is this: You should organize your whole wardrobe to avoid misplacing socks (or anything else). Believe us, those awkward giggles and stares you'll get if someone sees your mismatched socks can melt your pride.

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