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8 Stylish Anime Characters To Steal Some Fashion Cues From

Look sharper than the neighborhood hypebeast
by Andrei Medina | Dec 3, 2017
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The local fashion scene has been brimming with activity especially when it comes to streetwear culture which has also been a hot topic of debate due to some recent incidents. Bootlegs and hypebeast titos aside, we have to accept the fact that acquiring a tasteful style just doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

If you happen to be into fashion but have no clue where to start then you might want to first check out a couple of anime shows. Unlikely as it may seem, there’s actually a ton of Japanese series that exhibit trendy fashion sense through various characters designs.

With that said, we’ve compiled a shortlist of some of the most fashionable protagonists who could teach you a thing or two about style. Check them out:

Leorio (Hunter x Hunter)

He’s usually deemed the weakest among this anime’s four main protagonists but there’s no arguing that Leorio’s strong suit comes with his style. The unlikely hunter and aspiring doctor typically wears a tailor-made dark blue business suit and black shoes paired with his signature round sunnies.

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Ichigo (Bleach)

Actually, it’s not just Ichigo who gets major style points in this series. Bleach creator Tite Kubo has a knack for drawing gorgeous character designs and he gets an A+ in the fashion department with his alternate manga cover art usually depicting his characters in stylish streetwear.

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Sanji (One Piece)

Sanji is known for three things: his seemingly unlimited supply of cigarettes, his deadly combat kicks, and his equally killer fashion sense. He’s also the cook of the Strawhat Pirates but instead of donning a chef’s uniform, he is always seen wearing a black suit with a matching tie. Even while fighting, Sanji makes sure to keep it stylish with his signature suit and tie getup.

Trunks (Dragon Ball)

This super saiyan is probably the first character in the show to display a pretty decent fashion sense (aside from Android 18). Trunks rocks purple hair and an indigo jacket with the Capsule Corp. logo patched on his left arm. He also wears a black tank-top with dark gray pants while his main accessory comes in the form of a broadsword sheathed on his back. We could probably justify his weird yet trendy looks by the fact that he is a time traveler from the future.

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Nicholas Wolfwood (Trigun)

He might look harmless but Nicholas is actually a trigger-happy priest with a whole arsenal of guns at his disposal. His usual getup consists of what appears to be modified priest clothes with an oversized collar that looks like a mix between holy vestments and a suit. His vocation is subtly accentuated by his silver cross cufflinks. On the contrary, he wields a massive cross-shaped gun called the Punisher that also doubles as his storage for more guns and ammo.

Allen Walker (D. Gray Man)

Despite having white hair and a huge star-shaped scar over his left eye, Allen Walker still looks fresh with his monochrome themed uniform. The young exorcist also gets a cool power-up that grants him a massive strength boost along with a matching white trench coat complete with fur and a stylish ball mask.

Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)

He’s a top class butler who truly knows how to serve and satisfy his master, Ciel Phantomhive. As an employee of such an affluent family, Sebastian naturally has to keep up with his looks.
Sebastian typically dresses in a butler's uniform which consists of a six-button double-breasted tailcoat over a gray vest paired with black trousers. He also has slick black hair, red eyes and pale skin which gives him the appearance of a vampire.

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Ikki Minami (Air Gear)

Ikki is probably the perfect example of a fashion hypebeast with his extremely trendy street getup. He typically wears a combination of regular or graphic tees with leather or ripped jeans and a windbreaker jacket. Don’t forget that he also rocks those futuristic Air-treks that will easily give sneakerheads and their precious Jordans a run for their money.


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