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Old School Fashion: 9 Items For a Legit #ThrowbackThursday Look

Use these fashion items from the not-so-distant past for an authentic #TBT look!
by Ash Mahinay | Oct 17, 2013
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#ThrowbackThursday is fun because no matter how horrible your photo was, there’s probably zero chance of you looking that young/thin/childlike again.

#ThrowbackThursday                                          Here's a young, calmer, and way thinner Pido Jarencio #bigotilyo

What we can bring back though are all the awesome (or so awesomely bad it's awesome) fashion choices that we made—you might even have some of these still lurking in your closet. The question now is: Would you welcome these looks back into your life?


throwback thursday fashion 1
The nerdiest accessory ever! We all had that one friend who claims his chain saved his wallet from a snatcher. So we propose bringing it back as an updated version that clips on to your precious smartphone. It can’t fail.


throwback thursday fashion
Moving on from the very plaid times of the early '00s, we now have shirts in all materials and designs—but the common trend is wearing them buttoned up all the way to the Adam’s apple in mega straitlaced fashion. We want a return to more relaxed times where buttoning up was optional and breathing was easier. (Note: Please wear a t-shirt underneath if you do this!)


throwback thursday fashion
Neon athletic shoes are in, so is neon athletic gear, but we want even more neon because we’re greedy. Forget buying plain solid color tees in muted colors—we say we should all bring back the eye-watering glory of neon! Especially those rad jackets—just make them slim fit and pwede na di ba?

NEXT: Bring back the Presto!

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