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#WrongMaong: 9 Denim Style Fails You Shouldn't Be Caught Dead In

Maong is great, but some of the styles it's used in will make you want to pull your eyes out. Here are some of the most notorious examples.
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 27, 2014
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With the ubiquity of denim comes the greater risk of seeing this wonder clothing item used in styles that will make you want to pull your eyes out, put it inside a jar of corrosive acid, attach the whole package to a big rock, and let the damn thing sink to the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

Such is the drawback of its popularity (and man's inherent need to be creative). Denim's simplicity and easy-to-terno quality make it the "bestfriend ng bayan" inside many a dude's closet (read: it can be paired with many things, especially in the case of jeans). It's wonderful, but it can also transform into an unsightly mass of black/gray/blue hues that will sound off the fashion police alarm when worn the wrong way.

So boys, if you want to avoid this and keep your dignity intact, please don't do the following maong style fails, okay? We understand the need to be different, but please stand in front of a mirror first if you're feeling particularly brave.


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You could probably be excused if you're a big time celeb simply because public demand dictates that you must be "different." For the rest of us mere mortals, it will be a billion years before the idea of clothing your whole body in denim would be acceptable. It just looks so uncomfortable, and it probably is.


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Want to be called a dweeb/slob/promdi? Then get yourself inside a pair of denim overalls! It's okay if you're working your ass off in a farm or going to a costume party as the grandson of Huckleberry Finn. But it should remain there. Being seen in public with it is tantamount to social suicide...well at least for our fasyon friends.

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denim style fails
We get it. You love your bilbil so much you want to keep it inside the warm embrace of your denim jeans. It's okay if you do; just make sure your shirt is covering that part. Don't ever let it be seen or you'll inspire images of Bondying and his "little big boy" look.


denim style fails
Also called the "My-cat-has-a-vendetta-on-jeans" look. Seriously, if you want to show that much leg skin, then just go with a nice pair of shorts. Those rogue strands of denim fiber also scream fashion murder. Well, you're look is murdering our eyes so that's about right.

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