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These Five Men's Bracelets Will Spice Up Your Style Game

Simple, sophisticated, and guaranteed to score precious pogi points for you
by Khatrina Bonagua | Sep 19, 2016
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If you’re the old-fashioned type, you’d probably think the only jewelry a man should wear is a watch and a wedding band.  But it’s time to expand your horizons there, grandpa. You can wear a few pieces of jewelry without looking OA now, and you can start simply with a bracelet. It’s the most subtle piece of man jewelry you can wear.

Knotted ropes, leather, and everything else in between, these accessories certainly spice up your rather blah outfit. Whether you wear it with your favorite timepiece, don it as it is, or go stack it up like crazy, you’ll never go wrong.

Still an accessory virgin? Worry not. Here are five bracelets that will surely amp up your wrist game.

1) Arma X Gold

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This hand-woven solid stainless steel and vinyl rope bracelet is a perfect pair to your classy gold watch. Wear it with your favorite black leather jacket, white shirt, and other gold blings, and you’re good to go. Want one for your partner? This bracelet is unisex, so go ahead, buy two.
Get it for P4,550 here 

2) Dubbel X Matte Black

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If you’re a simple kind of guy, give this Vitaly Dubbel X Matte Black bracelet a try. This double-wrap bracelet is crafted from 100% genuine leather, meaning it’s as tough as it looks. With a minimalistic magnetized clasp, the Dubbel stacks effortlessly with other bracelets and watches, but is more than substantial enough to hold its own. Pair it with blazers and jeans, and this sure will jazz up any outfit, all year round.
Get it for P2,550 here


3) Kusari X Antiqued Steel

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Kusari refers to the ancient Japanese term for chain mail armor worn by samurais in the 1300s. The tightly woven linking pattern of this bracelet was inspired by this impenetrable protective gear. It's classy enough to go well with your formal wear, but can also perk up your casual outfits.
Get it for P3,150 here 

4) Knot-A-Clat Bracelet: Orion

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Feel like rocking and rolling tonight? This bracelet is the one for you. The color combination of black and gun metal is perfect for your tattered jeans and band shirt ensemble. Just make sure you’ve picked up a guitar at some point in your life prior to wearing these. No one wants to look like a poser.
Get it for P850 here 

5) Rastaclat: Bayan

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If you want to wear a conversation piece when you’re out on an adventure, snatch up this special Bayan Philippine Edition Rastaclat. Wear it with pride during trips, here or abroad. Whether you’re dressed up or dressed down, you’re sure to stand out with this one.
Get it for P950 here 

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