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Master The Korean Oppa's Way Of Looking Good And Stylish Right Now

And make your K-drama-obsessed girlfriend proud
by Vinz Lamorena | Oct 27, 2017
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Lazy dressing is still in this season, but like all trends it continues to evolve. From “rushed” rolled-out-of-bed looks, to the current style deals with a supersized wardrobe, all are exuding the unbeatable combo of comfort and casual vibes.

Now, paying attention to clothes may seem a bit too vain for some, but remember that fashion is— and always has been—a mark of affluence in every culture. And those Korean oppas your dream girls swoon over are no different.

As a way of patriotism, local ateliers and fashion brands still take the top spot for Korean style icons, but you’d see them sporting some luxury pieces every so often too. Korean celebrities and stylists seem to have the following as some of their go-to brands: System Homme, Nohant, and JUUN.J.

In Seoul, taking your girl shopping still takes the number one spot in scoring some pogi points (just watch K-dramas, and you’ll notice it’s a usual scene). Notice that their men also put in an equal amount to feel and look good.

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But the oppas’ secret lies in this rhetorical question: Who wouldn't fall for fine-looking men in dapper outfits?

Here are some fashion pieces you should check out to steal that Seoulite look:

Supersized wardrobe

Long sleeves with bigger, boxier shapes are worn by every leading man out there. It was Ji Chang-wook’s uniform cut in Suspicious Partner, and his choice of shirts with the contemporary Mandarin and V-neck collars highlighted what many women find sexy: A man’s Adam’s apple.

Supersizing your wardrobe is getting tops with the mix of street silhouettes in traditional, daily pieces. It’s often oversized and long-lined, and the relaxed fit gives those who have narrow shoulders an instant boost.

These long sleeves (there are even button downs and t-shirts) often use soft fabric but maintain sculpted structures. The oppas’ go-to brands for these pieces are System Homme, Haleine, and JUUN.J. Take it from today’s hottest names on Korean television—Nam Joo-hyuk, Park Bo-gum, and Lee Dong-wook—that this is the easiest way to look sleek any day.

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Return of the pleat

Dramatic actor Lee Jong-suk nails the comeback of the pleated trousers. This pair trims down the waist to effortlessly broaden the torso. It also plays with a muted but fun palette that includes maroon, pine green, periwinkle, and the classic French gray as this season’s must-have colors.


Down to a tee

Park Seo-joon wore a lot of graphic t-shirts in the series Fight For My Way, and more guys should try putting more radiant yellow pieces in their wardrobe. Try to scout for tops that have big, bold statement phrases, or anything that shows a pop culture reference—be it a concert tour or Hollywood film.

Outdoing outerwear

There’s no way we could pull off any of the coats Gong Yoo wore in the phenomenal drama Goblin, so we set our eyes on the next best thing, which could totally be worn during Manila’s rainy season.

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We’re definitely lusting over Park Hae-jin’s jacket wardrobe in JTBC’s action series Man to Man. All of his outerwear had interesting colors, materials, and designs. More importantly, his jackets’ structures complemented the body well—we honestly think every man must own a lambskin leather jacket. It’s time to hunt for layers that add more modern touches to your everyday outfits.


Another brand to turn your attention to is Nohant, as it’s rapidly gaining a cult following in Seoul. You’ve probably seen the hoodies with an embroidered Lonely/Lovely design all over the internet, and this is the brand that romanticized street-style hoodies and jackets (reference: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo).

The bomber jacket also makes you invisible in a crowd of people—it’s too common nowadays. But if you can't let go of the trend just yet, take some cues from Park Hyung-sik: Think pink in suede?

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Or maybe go for a sleek hybrid of a varsity and bomber jacket?


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