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The adidas Ambassadors Dish On The Hot Stuff!

Take your cue from adidas ambassadors Anne Curtis, Chris Tiu, and Phil and James Younghusband and learn how to work out in style!
| Jan 8, 2014
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We caught up with basketball star Chris Tiu, football mavericks Phil and James Younghusband, and It girl Anne Curtis during their photoshoot for the adidas 2014 collection.

How do you keep looking hot even as you’re sweating it out?

Chris: Sometimes, I think women like the guys who know how to rough it up, who can get dirty, you know? I think it’s part of being a real man. If you’re too clean and too prim and proper, I don’t think those are characteristics of a real man. In order to be a real man, you have to be tough, you have to be able to rough it up. It comes with the job. You just have to know how to carry yourself when you’re in the game. How can you not sweat when you play basketball? It’s all part of being an athlete.

Phil: You have to make sure, even though you are sweating, you look after yourself and your personal hygiene. There’s nothing wrong with sweat, it gives more definition to your muscles and helps you lose weight. I think sweating helps you look even fitter and stronger, and hotter so…I’m all for sweat!

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James: I think it’s all about confidence and attitude.


What sports do you do?

Chris: I practice basketball every day since it’s my full-time job. I also like to play golf. I like it because it’s a mental game involving a lot of concentration, timing and rhythm. It’s a good contrast from fast pace, physical of basketball. I also hit the gym 2 or 3 times a week for weight training. I also go running as part of my crosstraining.

Phil: Tennis, after football, is my favorite sport.My life revolves around sports. I do some running to keep my fitness up.It’s always good to do an extra bit of training. I train every day because it’s a full-time job.

James: My main sport is football. At a young age, my brother and I grew up doing everything together; we tried all sorts of sports. I tried cricket, but I quit after one day. But I go running, swimming, and play basketball. I want to get more involved in stuff like yoga, really looking after the body and mind. I also do a bit of golf now and then. It’s something different, it tests the patience a bit more.

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Anne: I spend an hour and 15 minutes each day working out in the gym. I do different routines for variation so that my body doesn’t get used to just one workout. I also enjoy Bikram yoga because it’s fun. You get to sweat it out and you know that you’re helping your digestive system, releasing all of the toxins; you’re put in a state where you are absolutely not thinking of anything.

What’s your adidas story?

Chris: I’ve been using adidas and only adidas for sportswear and even lifestyle clothing when I go out. I love adidas because it’s very fashionable, it’s easy to mix and match, it’s a good mix of being sporty, which fits my personality, but at the same time, there’s class because you’re not embarrassed to wear it when you go out in public. I don’t think I can ever switch. I’ve been using the brand for more than a decade now, it’s been perfect for me. It’s very reliable.

Phil: James and I have been wearing adidas since we were young kids. The designs are very nice. They just suit my lifestyle, being sporty and outgoing and casual and relaxed.

James: I believe they are the number one sports brand in the world, trying to help athletes with their performance. They’re always looking to improve, it’s never enough. For example, the football boots now, they’re so much lighter than the previous ones. adidas helps our performance. Some say it’s superstition but I believe it’s science as well, the equipment you use will help you perform better.

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Anne: Even before I was with adidas, I already liked it. I love that it’s colorful, I love that it’s comfortable. I love that whatever sport is that you’re going to do, adidas has something to offer for you.

How did you find the photo shoot?

Chris: It was easy and light. Just like adidas!

Phil: We knew it would be easy because it’s sports and it’s something we’re used to, something in our comfort zone. What we did with the football poses and kicking the ball, it’s something we do everyday. It’s innate, something that comes naturally to us.

James: Usually, when we do shoots we’re uncomfortable with what we’re wearing. Today, it was fast and easy and a lot of fun!

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Anne: This is my very first shoot for adidas so I’m very excited. It’s awesome to be an ambassador of a brand that you love to use anyway. I’m excited to see all the stuff coming up for 2014.

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