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Adidas presents the 2010 NBA All-Star Game

<p>How they find ways to upgrade over and over, we'll never know</p>
| Feb 1, 2010
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Ladies, make sure to put your men on handcuffs this Valentine’s Day weekend if you don’t want to find yourselves alone and without a date, courtesy of the 2010 NBA All Star weekend this February. [firstpara]
Men, as we all know, are naturally inclined to take interest in sports. Hoops fans on the other hand are crazier than ever come All-Star season. Bets and beers are present on a weekday morning, and most of the guys are on half-day’s leave for the sake of the game. The typical sports fan goes like this – plus the matching sports caps, jerseys, and shoes in favor of their favorite teams.

For the guys who know what we’re talking about, good news is on the way. Because this year, Adidas has come full circle.

The guys from Adidas are coming up with a new set of official tees and footwear in line with the NBA All-Star Game. Made of polyester flat back mesh, the NBA-All Star jerseys are going to be worn by West and East All Stars, respectively.

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Its rib collar and man-holes are flat-knit, and has an embroidered All-Star and Adidas logos on it. That means the sleeveless, wide-shouldered reds and blues speak Adidas this year.

Not the jersey-wearing type? Adidas are also remaking the NBA All-Star tees, made of 100% polyester and can be customized according to preferred player name or jersey number. The three white stripes printed on the shoulder area practically seal the deal.

Now comes the main event. Mark the words: Creator and Commander. The new Adidas TS Supernatural Creator and Adidas TS Supernatural Commander basketball Shoes will also be launched this month.

Kids, take note: Team West is reportedly wearing the red TS Supernatural Commander while Team East will use the blue TS Supernatural Creator.

Now the question is, which side are you on? Better yet, what Adidas TS Supernatural shoe will you opt for? Adidas practically answered it for everyone: it’s on you.

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