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Ranking The Best Pants To Pair With White Chucks

Here's a guide on white shoes and how to style them
by Ash Mahinay | Oct 28, 2017
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When it comes to shoes and outfit adaptability (aka maximum sulit because you can wear it with anything), there are two main contenders: all-black and all-white. If you asked us, we'd choose: both! You can't really go wrong with either. Since we were at the Converse White Chucks Party, though, it was the brighter pair on full display and everyone wearing otherwise got shown the door.

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Joke, but we did look at people's feet all night to spot the pairings on display. 

7) White on white

Going this route makes you look a prep and super fresh—and deathly afraid of getting dirty, which is why it gets last place.

6) Ripped jeans

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Often seen with dark boots, but works equally well with non-black footwear as you can see. Minus points for ubiquity.

5) Olive drab

You'll stand out, but it's a tough pairing. For example, wearing brown shoes with these would make you look like a tree. If there was one combo that almost exclusively calls for white kicks, this would be it.


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4) Athletic socks

Retrotastic. You may feel differently about this pairing if you're balbon af though.

3) Skinny jeans

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Wearing slims with the current crop of brightly hued sneakers is everyone's go-to move. Going for the all-white option almost feels like a (welcome) throwback sometimes.

2) Suit pants

As long as it isn't a black suit, wearing spotless whites with a pants and jacket combo looks very presentable. Dapper even. Quite.

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1) Trousers

Non-denim bottoms are enjoying a moment of ascendancy right now. Going with all-whites is crisp and makes them look even better.


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