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Are Calf-Length Socks Actually Becoming Cool Again?

Whether they're Nerd-chic or dadcore, the old trend is definitely making a comeback
by Ash Mahinay | Apr 18, 2018
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Here’s a burning question to match this heat: are white, high-calf socks cool again?

Actually, change that question because they’re everywhere now. We’ve probably put out several pieces attacking the reputation of white socks, but since fashion is cyclical, we are now collectively eating our words. Of course, you can tough it out and refuse to go along with the trend until everyone hates white socks again, or maybe you don’t see the hype and it just still doesn’t look good to you.

Exhibit A:

Wearing them with (fashionably short) shorts and a pair of old-school sneakers. We used to be all about no-show socks but there’s something about not having to fuss over those tiny foot covers, which always feel like they’re on the verge of slipping off your heels lol.

The key update to bringing it into the 21st century is using a non-chunky pair of shoes. As demonstrated by Brodie right here. Because if you aren’t a baller, then you may look trying hard.

Anyway, “WHY NOT?” right?


Exhibit B:

Wearing them with all sorts of slacks and trousers. What used to be the domain of colorful or neutral–colored (navy blues, greys) is now filled up with lots of super high contrast whites. Here’s Tyler, the Creator who seems to live in this combo for a visual.

You can wear them with denim, but that’s what veers into tito or unironic fashion territory. Other negative comments would be mukhang grade school or nerdy or just plain baduy because of its roots which are, indeed, preppy schoolboy uniforms.

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Photo by Lookastic

So what do you think? Are white calf-length socks cool? Good-looking retro trend or low socks for life? Remember when this look was our goal?

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