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Stand Out In These Colorful Retro-Inspired adidas Pieces

It's 2018 so why not have some fun
by Ash Mahinay | Jan 30, 2018
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Whether you subscribe to a gentlemanly or more streetwear-focused dress code, the prevailing trend has been neutral hues—is your wardrobe a minimalist collection of whites, blacks, greys, and dark blues? It's easy to mix and match when all your stuff is in those tones and you look classic and clean all the time but it's 2018 so why not have some fun? The folks at adidas Originals have also missed wearing wild things so they've revived their bright and shiny adicolor range from the '70s.

Of course, there is a difference between looking like you actually came from the '70s and wearing a modern remake and they've taken care of that problem by giving the four primary colors just the right amount of hue and saturation tweaks to make it look like the good old days passed through a tasteful VSCO filter.

Sun Yellow 3-stripes tee

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Yellow is a challenge but nothing looks fresher as a highlight so we recommend going neutral with the rest: greys, whites, khakis.

Get it for $40 (Around P2,040)

Scarlett Red SST windbreaker

Red jacket, white shirt, blue bottoms is a low-challenge yet bold exercise in color blocking. Avoid yellow because of all the fast food connotations.

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Get it for $80 (Around P4,080)


Fairway Green trefoil tee

Usually it's a bad idea to wear brown with green because you'd look like a tree, but this more subtle shade is alright with it. Add some whites somewhere in there for a minty fresh look. Avoid (a lot of) red because it's not Christmas yet.

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Get it for P1,300

Bluebird track pants

The gateway drug to bold colors, blue goes pretty much with anything—like any of the above three for example.

Get it for P3,700

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