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Are Jerseys Over A White Tee Cool Again?

The rise of athleisure is a reason to review this look
by Ash Mahinay | Jul 11, 2018
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With the athleisure trend having matured from fuccboi uniform to "ugly but cool" we felt that one of the biggest style dont's ever—the jersey over white tee—is due a review.

While the jersey with nothing underneath (aside from your exposed pits) is still a major nope, the spread of athletic wear means donning one over a tee as part of a casual outfit doesn't stick out so much anymore.

Well, a jersey only look could work if you were this swaggy

The look is 100% acceptable if you're actually watching a ball game. We'll relax the rules and say spectating on TV, in a public place, counts as actually watching because we don't think any of us are watching an actual NBA match. If you are though, congrats!

We'll call it fine for casual wear too, but only if you go with a required twist: donning a retro. Wearing the current crop of kits (with their modern fit) can lean too far towards the athletic side over leisure but throwing on an old-school jersey will make you blend in well with the vintage sportswear aesthetic we've got going on. Just don't horribly oversize and you're good to go. These fits from Just Don will make your wallet bleed, but there's always ukay.


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Are you curious if you now also have the option of throwing on a jersey over a slouchy hoodie? Well, let's allow that look to stay aspirational for a moment longer alright?

Because Hoodie Melo gets buckets and you don't

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