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Have No FOMO: What Your (Cool) Friends Will Be Wearing To School!

<em>Pasukan na naman</em>! This means, among other things, it's <em>japorms</em> time! We got the latest duds for every personality--sporty, punky, nerdy, goody, or classy!
by Cia Juan | May 22, 2014
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Aaaand we're just a few snores away from June! No matter how hard you prayed for your school to move the academic calendar from June to August, the painful truth is that either they’re not buying this international trend or they’re implementing it next year. Aww, man!

But look at the bright side: Rainy season on the first day of school is the perfect excuse to sport your newly-purchased jacket and gelled wet-look hair, not to mention making classic da moves like "Pa-share naman ng payong," orSuot mo muna tong jacket ko, baka sipunin ka.”

So what should you or your friends actually be wearing while you're not yet haggard from school work? It's been said that your fashion should show your identity, and college porma is all about scoring expressing personalities!

Are you the sports jock, the geek, or the goody dean’s lister? We got the latest duds from the latest trends for every peg below!

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For jocks

You don’t have to wear your varsity jacket all the time when it’s humid outside. Tiis-gwapo ang peg? You can simply stick to distinct hues like red, green, navy, or anything associated with sports teams. Pair your good 'ol polo shirt with contrasting shorts, fit-letic sneakers, and of course, ze gym bag like this one from Lacoste. Don’t forget the classic baseball cap to top off the athletic look.

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Short sleeve polo (P3,000), men's L27 sneakers (P3,058), men's classic croc cap (P1,747), and duffle gym bag (P5,679): all from Lacoste

For the student leader

You have to look sharp and respectable in semi-corporate tops but at the same time blend with your more casual classmates. Pair a three-fourths plain collared top with khaki shorts and denim sneakers from Creative Recreation. If you’re a Law or Business major who needs to be in corporate attire, you can trade your slacks for light-colored pants and still keep your dress code as long as you're wearing leather-ish sneakers (right). 

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Vito Lo shoes in denim (P3,058) and Kaplan shoes in navy tan (P3,058): all from Creative Recreation

For the happy-go-lucky dude

You wanna look fun and spontaneous yet sophisticated? Forget corny statement shirts. Try Complex Lifestyle’s collared polos in quirky prints (left). Don’t worry; you won’t look nerdy since you’re pairing it with sporty board shorts and dark skateboarding shoes. Not cool enough? Pump up the carefree vibe with these boho bag and hippie headphones from House of Marley

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Collared shirt from Unschooled Sailboat (P1,600); A-Top low sneakers from Pony (P3,590); Revolution headphones (P6,899) and Lively Up backpack (P5,636): both from House of Marley

For the geeky

Nerds/geeks are becoming cute these days. How much more if they’re this stylish:

No need to wear large hipster glasses. Just add a funky bow tie or necktie to a plain polo (go for plain tie if the polo is printed). Balance the eccentric look with dark shoes and cropped semi-skinny jeans, like this one from Calvin Klein (right). 

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Faxon 2 shoes in black (P2,140), Tinted Rinse denim (P3,014), and Long Roll-Up Sleeve Chambray shirt in white (P3,451): all from Calvin Klein

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