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Backpacks: Not Just For Schoolboys!

Youthful yet practical backpacks for busy guys with a lot of toys
by Anton D. Umali | May 30, 2013
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They say that backpacks are immature: made for those who have yet to graduate into the real world and/or are stuck in a phase of boyish fashion ignorance, unable to transcend on to manlier, less-youthful man-purses.

Well, we say screw that!

A lot of things are off about that first statement, man-purses being the most obvious. Secondly, true they aren’t the best displays of maturity, however, backpacks are practical, capable of mass storage, and can be stylish in an urban jungle overpopulated with messenger bags and attaché cases.

June is just around the corner, meaning kids will be flocking to their designated schools for some higher learning. But here, we school you on backpacks that aren’t just for the schoolboys. Because, really, we don’t want you being caught toting around a silly man-purse.

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